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Video Seminar: Importance Of A Well-Designed Uniform

By Pamela Jabbour
We live in a society where the clothing you wear represents your values, beliefs and purpose and helps others identify with you. In business, effective branding can make you appear more approachable, professional and confident, and often make or break a sales opportunity. When considering whether or not to implement a uniform, it’s important to remember that your staff are mini billboards, whose job is to connect with your customers and tell the story of your brand.

Extract: Implementing A Uniform? Where To Start & How To Ensure It’s The Right Image

Video Seminar: Pamela Jabbour

About Pamela Jabbour

Pamela JabbourPamela Jabbour is the CEO of Total Image Group - Uniform designer and manufacturer to some of Australia’s leading brands. With a bachelor of Business Marketing and Management at University of Western Sydney, Pamela started the company ground up 12 years ago and her drive to succeed has shaped the foundations of Total Image Group. Her passion and determination is evident through the substantial growth of Total Image and today Total Image dresses over 250,000 Australians per day in their work wardrobe. Pamela has established Total Image’s presence and reputation throughout Australia as a resourceful and leading edge uniform company that is at the forefront in design and quality. Her goal is to be the largest privately owned uniform provider in Australia.

Contact Details

Pamela Jabbour Phone: (02) 8188 6008
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