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Video Seminars

Watch interview style videos of your favourite IIDM contributors outlining best practice on the latest business and leadership challenges.

The embedded videos on this page are extracts of full Video Seminars, click 'Full Video Seminar' to view each complete series.
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Video Seminar: How Aligning Behaviours Supercharges Organisational Growth

Our environment influences our success or failure. On a personal level, behaviours influence our...

Video Seminar: The 4 Foundations To Accelerate Brand Growth

How do impatient organisations build profitable brands, fast? In a time where businesses are...

Video Seminar: The Languages Of Leadership

Many of us have issues trying to lead disparate teams with multiple personalities, colleagues with...

Video Seminar: Turning Red Tape Into Blue Ribbon

Errors in decision making cost time and money. As a minimum, the time and cost of rework or of...

Video Seminar: Storytelling For Business Development

Stories are the natural language for our minds. We learn, make sense of our world, remember and...

Video Seminar: Leadership Transformation, What’s Possible?

Leadership transformation is a novel idea because 80% of adults don’t transcend the fear-driven,...

Video Seminar: CEOs, Sales Is A Strategic Opportunity

While the Marketing function has progressed exponentially over the past decade and Customer...

Video Seminar: How To Maximise Your Leadership Potential

As a CEO, reflecting on your current leadership behaviours and stepping up as required is critical....

Video Seminar: Outside-In Downside-Up Leadership

For more than a decade, Jason T. Smith had led his business with a traditional vertical...

Video Seminar: Ask More. Tell Less. Lead Fearlessly.

Leaders today face challenges of low staff engagement and inconsistent results with people not...

Video Seminar: How To Lead Like A Coach

Leaders who coach double their engagement scores. Their teams willingly work harder and get twice...

Video Seminar: The 25 Minute Meeting

Meetings are the defacto way of doing business, but too often they do nothing more than eat up our...

Video Seminar: Setting Yourself Up For Success

By the time we are established in our career and have built a version of success, we are mostly...

Video Seminar: Importance Of A Well-Designed Uniform

We live in a society where the clothing you wear represents your values, beliefs and purpose and...

Video Seminar: How To Fix Dysfunctional Teams

Dysfunctional teams drive away top talent, damage morale and wellbeing, and cost businesses...

Total 105 articles in this section.
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Total 105 articles in this section.
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Video Seminar: How To Break Free From Corporate And Be Your Own Boss

By Gavin Sequeira

Gavin has been working in and out of small business for several years and has helped dozens of others just like you make the all-important transition to 'break free from corporate and be your own boss'. He’s done it himself and knows the challenges of being stuck in a corporate job and wanting to break free. Learn how to do this right!

Video Seminar: Value Propositions That Win Business

By Robyn Haydon

Why is it so hard to win new business? That’s a good question, and one that’s on the mind of many people who work in service-based businesses and professions. In order to use our expertise to help others, to do good work, and to make a difference, we must first convince them that they need our help; we have to convince them to buy from us. And this isn’t always as easy as it should be.

Video Seminar: How To Master The Art Of Buy-In

By Simon Dowling

Simon Dowling is an expert in creating collaborative teams and workplaces, and is the author of Work with Me: How to get people to buy into your ideas. In this Video Seminar, Simon demonstrates how buy-in sits at the heart of highly engaged, creative and motivated organisations. So what do leaders who successfully create buy-in do to build willing and enthusiastic support for their ideas and initiatives? What sets them apart? Simon shares the differentiating behaviours with us, offering a very practical insight into the gentle art of buy-in.

Video Seminar: Cracking The Corporate Culture Code

By Steve Simpson

Increasingly, leaders are recognising that the most important factor that determines future success is their workplace culture. It is the culture that drives employee engagement, people's appetite for change, the extent to which work areas cooperate with one another, and whether or not innovation is taken seriously. Paradoxically, while many leaders understand the importance of their culture, many fail to act on it. In part, this can be attributed to the complexity of the concept. In this Video Seminar, author and international speaker Steve Simpson introduces his concept of Unwritten Ground Rules - used by companies across the world as the vehicle to both understand and strategically improve workplace cultures.

Video Seminar: Demystifying Thought Leadership

By Gabrielle Dolan

Thought Leadership is a common phrase used in business but it is not widely understood. In this Video Seminar, Gabrielle Dolan will explore what Thought Leadership is and how it can be used to address the three biggest challenges companies face today. Gabrielle will also share the common mistakes companies make when introducing Thought Leadership and how to avoid them.

Video Seminar: Better Customer Experience Drives Better Sales Results

By Sue Barrett

In this busy and complex world, many organisations are competing for the time and attention of their customers and prospects. Loyalty is waning and markets are fickle which means engaging and retaining the right kind of customers for your business to drive more and better sales results can no longer be the sole domain of the sales team - selling is now everybody’s business.

Video Seminar: How To Resolve Conflict Without Stress

By Martin Probst

Workplace conflict is often associated with stress and can be devastating to the individuals involved, to teams, clients and the business on a financial, emotional and mental level. A 2008 Medibank Private publication suggests that workplace stress is estimated to cost the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year. On average, 3.2 days per worker are lost each year due to workplace stress.

Video Seminar: How To Create A High-Performance Culture

By Stacey Barr

Building culture and setting strategic direction are the two most important drivers for organisational success. That’s not a surprise to most CEOs. And measuring the right things is the key to proving organisational success. Also, not a surprise to most CEOs. But what is a surprise to most CEOs is just how much leverage measuring the right things gives to creating a high-performance culture. Evidence-based leadership is the approach to finding this leverage. It comprises several habits that leaders practice, which in turn create several habits that the organisation practices. And when these habits are mastered, high-performance is the consequence.

Video Seminar: Why Cognitive Health Is The Driver To Future Business Growth

By Dr Jenny Brockis

As a leader at the top of your game, it's imperative to be attuned to the present, knowing how to achieve today's desired results, while remaining future focused for longer term strategies for continuing business growth and success. This is where cognitive health (how well you think, learn and remember) comes to play. It's about thinking fast with the mental agility and flexibility to solve problems, and make consistently good decisions, while also thinking critically. Better cognitive health makes perfect business sense because hiring staff is an expensive and time-consuming exercise. It's no longer enough to just find the right person with the right attitude and skill-set. They need a work environment that supports and values better thinking to demonstrate their capability and work to their full potential.

Video Seminar: Networking That Matters And That Works

By Janine Garner

Networking is an essential skill; it’s the key to success. So why are so many of our connections superficial and transactional? And why do they get us nowhere in our personal or professional life? Maybe because we’ve lost sight of the fact that it’s not about the quantity of connections you make, but the quality of the relationships you build and nurture. Building a small, tight and connected network of a key group of people is critical to future proof your career and business ventures in this 21st century world of busyness - a network that evolves with you and is a non-stop source of opportunity. Networking still matters, but it’s your network that matters more.

Video Seminar: The Fourth Type Of Innovation You Really Need

By Paul Broadfoot

Australian companies have not been innovating enough. We know this from global surveys and benchmarking. In addition to that, when companies do work on innovation the bulk of the time and money tends to be spent on company, product or customer oriented innovation. Little time has been spent working on innovating the markets they supply by innovating prevailing business models in those markets. The result is Australian ASX 200 longevity has fallen from 36 years to 15 years between 1975 and 2015. Some of the world’s biggest and most powerful companies have made an artform of market innovation. Amazon, Netflix and Apple in particular. Companies think they need to be coming up with new products or new technologies whereas what they need to be doing is leveraging the inventions of others to facilitate business model innovation.

Video Seminar: How To Prevent Your Teams From Fracturing

By Karen Gately

Fundamental to any organisation's ability to thrive is collaboration. When groups of people work in partnership to explore opportunities, assess options and reach decisions, better outcomes are typically achieved. Leaders are wise to take a deliberate and disciplined approach to influencing the cohesion and effectiveness of their team. Success depends greatly on the ability to recognise threats to collaboration and taking decisive action to respond. In this Video Seminar, we will explore strategies to ensure your team doesn’t fracture.

Video Seminar: Leaders Must Walk The Talk When It Comes To Balance

by Nikki Fogden-Moore

Authentic engaging leadership creates sustainable results, powerful performance and a true demonstration of culture and values at all levels with an organisation of any size. As our commercial and organisational landscapes evolve it is even more paramount to ensure you walk your talk and that the 3 pillars of Ultimate Leadership Vitality are ingrained from the top down - lead by example, lead from within and then seamlessly lead others. Nikki Fogden-Moore takes us through how to reignite your sense of purpose and connection as a leader and CEO. Learn her vital steps to get back in the driver’s seat demonstrating the values, qualities and actions you require from your teams and your company as a whole.

Video Seminar: Why Leaders Must Excel At Collaborative Decision Making

By Michelle Gibbings

People often think that being a leader is about knowing more than others, having all the answers, and therefore making all the decisions. However, in today’s world, with its increasing complexity, connectedness and volatility, a different approach is required. An approach which nurtures a culture of collaborative decision making. In this video Michelle will be outlining the reasons why collaborative decision making, when done properly, can aid team engagement and lead to better decision outcomes. Michelle will also outline the key steps to take to institute a collaborative decision making approach.

Video Seminar: Recruitment, Induction And Retention

By Kerrie Canning

We’ve all heard it before - people are your greatest asset - so it’s important that you find the right person for the right position at the right time for your business. It is estimated that the cost to replace someone is between 75% and 150% of their gross salary, so undertaking a thorough recruitment process is crucial. There are several key elements to get right in this process including clarifying the position, knowing where best to find great people and ensuring when they start that they are quickly inducted into your business and your culture. Hear from Kerrie Canning from HR Advice Online as she shares tips and ideas for attracting and keeping great people in your business.

Total 105 articles in this section.
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