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Video Seminar: How To Break Free From Corporate And Be Your Own Boss

By Gavin Sequeira
Gavin has been working in and out of small business for several years and has helped dozens of others just like you make the all-important transition to 'break free from corporate and be your own boss'. He’s done it himself and knows the challenges of being stuck in a corporate job and wanting to break free. Learn how to do this right!

Extract: How To Break Free From Corporate And Be Your Own Boss

Video Seminar: Gavin Sequeira Q4

 About Gavin Sequeira

Gavin Sequeira Having enjoyed a successful corporate career, where he reached senior management positions at IBM and Oracle, Gavin successfully made the transition to running several of his own businesses in subsequent years. Through overcoming several challenges, Gavin shares all the secrets he has learnt from several successful entrepreneurs and mentors, so that it can empower others to do the same. As a recognised author, speaker and coach, Gavin is on a personal mission to help thousands of people all over the world ‘break free’ from the corporate world, start their own ventures, ‘be their own boss’ and pursue the life of their dreams.


Contact Details

Gavin Sequeira Phone: +61 421 337 533
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