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Video Seminars

Watch interview style videos of your favourite IIDM contributors outlining best practice on the latest business and leadership challenges.

The embedded videos on this page are extracts of full Video Seminars, click 'Full Video Seminar' to view each complete series.
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Video Seminar: Innovation And Opportunity Capture - The Secret To Success

Too many people make innovation simply too hard to understand and it seems that nobody has a way to...

Video Seminar: Employee Engagement Is The New Leadership

Richard Maloney will be offering proven insights for business leaders who are seeking the latest...

Video Seminar: Strategy Development and Implementation - Critical Success Factors

Many organisations do not understand strategy and strategy development is often executed poorly -...

Video Seminar: Innovation Is A Time Of Rapid Change

In the age of digital disruption organisations need to adapt but many struggle to keep up with the...

Video Seminar: The Real Deal - The Human Side To Selling

Just as business and technology have both progressed to create a new world, one pivotal part of the...

Video Seminar: CEOs On Social Media

The importance for CEOs being active on social media is growing each day. Employees believe that...

Video Seminar: Pinnacle of Performance

Peak performance is achievable when talented people choose to invest energy and behave in ways that...

Video Seminar: The Communicating Leader

Communication is at the heart of a leader’s work. The effectiveness of our leadership and influence...

Video Seminar: Workplace Engagement and Culture

This seminar will look at the topics of engagement and culture. Proven to be a driver of...

Video Seminar: Digital Transformation And The Role Of Customer Experience

Digital technology has dramatically sped up the pace of business innovation and created an...

Video Seminar: Accelerating Personal Productivity Under Pressure

In your current business climate, you will be under great stress to deliver more in less time with...

Video Seminar: Successful Leadership Using Human Instincts

A strange thing happened to Homo sapiens only 250 years ago; we changed habitat. Suddenly with the...

Video Seminar: Execution To Die For

Deciding what needs to be done is often the easy part of the job - the hard part is making it...

Video Seminar: Maximising Performance Through Motivation

If you have ever wondered how you can maximise the performance of your team or how to exactly...

Video Seminar: Workforce Strategic Planning

Considering that the people factor accounts for between 30-80% of the total cost of a business, and...

Total 106 articles in this section.
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Total 106 articles in this section.
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Video Seminar: 4 Steps To Unlocking Leadership Potential During Uncertainty

By Repa Patel

Gallup’s research shows that 82% of the time, leaders are promoted or selected for the wrong reasons. They are promoted due to tenure, technical expertise, or good performance in an unrelated position, not because they are good leaders. Leadership is about influence and impact not directing and controlling people and resources or technical expertise. Organisations that teach their managers to become leaders achieve higher productivity, profitability and engagement through trust built by authentic leadership.

Video Seminar: How You Transform By Turning Right

By Kay Bretz

There is no business transformation without the transformation of its leaders. Far too many transformational efforts don’t deliver on its high ambitions. Instead of realising step-change improvements, they often lead to incremental change. Through sports, I experienced what it took to realise step-change improvements. To tap into unknown opportunities, I had to reinvent my leadership approach. In only 18 months, I improved my performance running 24-hour ultramarathons by 22 percent and became the fastest-ever Australian at the 24-hour world championships. All it took was turning right - first physically at my garden gate, then metaphorically in all areas of my life.

Video Seminar: Self-Care Is Vital For Leaders In 2022 - Here's How To Do It

by Michelle Gibbings

Pressure! Some people hate it. Other people thrive on it. We all react to it differently and have different tolerance levels for responding and managing its impact. However, one common thing is that workplaces are a breeding ground for stress. As a leader, it's critical to not only effectively balance the pressure in your working day, but to successfully spot the warning signs of danger for your team members, so you can support them to make healthy and wise choices.

Video Seminar: How To Delegate And Still Get Great Results

by Maree Burgess

Lack of delegation is a problem that compounds and creates problems in other leadership areas. Too often managers are operating at the wrong level, usually a level or more below where they should be operating. This means they are down in the detail, doing tasks that should be done by others in their team. This seminar focuses on how to delegate and feel comfortable that the work will be done capably by your team. It will explore what prevents delegation, some mistakes that often occur when not done well and tips for delegating effectively.

Video Seminar: The 6 Winning Principles To A High Performance Team

by Milton Collins

It’s no secret that happy and engaged team members are the most productive and stay with your company longer. Time and time again new research shows that happy workers create happy and prosperous businesses. Wellness in the workplace has become a very hot topic of recent times, but it simply reveals what we’ve always known - put people in an environment where they can thrive, and they will. No one likes a toxic culture and no one grows well in a toxic culture, much like plants don’t grow in an environment of toxins, neither do we. To quote Richard Branson “Clients don’t come first - your employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients”.

Video Seminar: Leaders’ Path to Success - Developing Resilient Organisations

by Dr Norman Chorn

Navigating the future path within organisations means dealing with ongoing changes and uncertainty. It is the level of resilience within an organisation that will determine its future success. We no longer consider resilience as simply ‘bouncing back’ after a disruption. This is not effective in a changing environment. Resilience has to embrace ‘bouncing forward’ so that we can learn from the disruption and enhance our overall capability to deal with ongoing change and uncertainty. Our recent research into resilience in organisations reveals three underpinning elements of resilient organisations - Exploring the Future, Elastic Thinking, Anti-fragile practices These allow us to prepare for an uncertain future, think more strategically and put in place anti-fragile practices thereby creating a strong resilient organisation.

Video Seminar: How To Amplify Accountability

by Dr Paige Williams

Until we get accountability right, we’re wasting our time effort and energy with everything else we do - like flushing water down a drain - and it’s the thing I see most often keeps leaders, teams and organisations fragile and prevents them from making progress and achieving the success they’re aiming for. From understanding why we have such a problem with accountability and how powerful it is in shaping our social interactions, to what we can do to step into personally, coach others to do the same or create a context and culture of accountability, we’ll talk research, case studies, stories and step-by-step guides about how to do accountability better. Accountability affects us all. Whether you’re giving or receiving it and whether you need a boost of confidence, motivation or support, this conversation will help.

Video Seminar: The 5 Steps For Having Influential Conversations

by Gerard Penna

Influencing and leadership are synonymous with each other. Great leaders are skilled at influencing and mobilising other people. But too many senior leaders rely solely on their power or authority to demand compliance. This is usually insufficient to produce the high levels of engagement and commitment they need from others. Especially if they’re to succeed with an ambitious agenda. A more sophisticated and thoughtful approach is needed.

Video Seminar: Why We Need To Invest In Our ‘B-Suite'

by Rebecca Houghton

B-Suite Leaders are the modern middle manager, evolving from order-taker to impact-maker as businesses become flatter and decision making is devolved further down the hierarchy. We'll discuss the impact that B-Suite Leaders have on culture, confidence and business continuity and the critical risk - and opportunity - they represent to rebuilding trust, psychological safety and performance.

Video Seminar: How To Build Collaborative Learning Cultures

by Tracey Ezard

Organisations with a thriving learning culture have a strong foundation of collaboration, trust and learning within their teams, what I call ’The Buzz’. A learning culture provides the momentum and right environment to tackle the status quo and most importantly, do it as a collective focused on improvement. In this video seminar, we will discuss why a learning culture is critical for organisations to thrive and how a collective growth mindset, a compelling environment for learning and having the right conversations are essential in creating ’The Buzz’.

How To Build A Brand People Want To Work For, Buy From And Invest In

by Ros Weadman

In a post-COVID marketplace characterised by talent shortages, low trust and changed expectations, building a brand people want to work for, buy from and invest in has never been more important. However, building a credible and trustworthy brand and a strong positive reputation takes a lot more than just having a great product or service. In fact, people now expect brands to stand for more than just profit and act in socially-conscious ways to help create a better world. In this interview, we discuss how businesses can leverage their corporate culture to build a brand that stands out in today’s competitive and commoditised marketplace, and becomes a beacon for prospective employees, customers and investors.

Burnout Is Real

by Melo Calarco

Australian workers suffered a higher level of burnout at work compared to anywhere else in the world, with 62% of employees experiencing burnout, compared with a global average of 48%. It’s even higher for Australian managers with 66% experiencing burnout (Microsoft’s Work Trends Index 2022). As the head of a company, the CEO carries a great deal of responsibility on their shoulders. The pressure of managing a business and the constant demand for results can take a toll on their physical and mental health, which could possibly lead to burnout. Burnout can affect not only the CEO but also the leaders, managers and the entire company, as their performance and decision-making abilities are compromised when running on low energy. Burnout is real and is affecting more and more people but it can be prevented with a few simple steps and techniques, one of these techniques is mindfulness.

The Gender Penalty - What Leaders Need To Know

by Anneli Blundell

Gender equity is a tricky topic. Leaders know the conversation is important, but healthy discussion can be mired by political correctness, kneejerk responses or a hesitancy to engage at all. We need to shift the focus from women to the workforce, without blaming or ostracising men in the process. In this interview, we will discuss why we still need to focus on this issue, the critical role leaders play in shifting our systems, and what we can each do individually, and collectively, to shift the dial on gender equity once and for all.

How To Create Teams That Swear By Each Other, Not About Each Other

by Adrian Baillargeon

Senior executive teams that swear by each other innovate quicker, influence beyond their industry and enable the growth of their organisation, their people and themselves. Complacency is costly, and senior leaders must focus on how teamwork is done in the teams they lead AND the leadership team they are part of. In this interview, we will discuss what leadership teams need to focus on to swear more (in a good way), why it’s essential to be deliberate about how leadership teams do teamwork, how the trifecta of purpose can unite executives, and why it’s important for executive teams to use conflict to strengthen relationships.

Why Leadership Has The Biggest Impact On Customer Experience

by Monique Richardson

Leadership has the single biggest impact on customer experience. Happy customers are the result of a happy team and customer and employee experiences are inextricably linked. The strongest service cultures have an organisation-wide commitment to taking care of their customers, whether in frontline or support roles that serve those who directly serve customers.

Leadership is the lever that drives customer focus. It is also the most significant enabler of any team member’s ability to deliver an exceptional service experience. The level of customer focus of a team is directly proportionate to the leader’s focus. It begins with the CEO and the executive and extends to every people leader within the organisation.

Total 106 articles in this section.
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