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Video Seminar: How To Build Collaborative Learning Cultures

Thursday 24 November, 2022
by Tracey Ezard
Organisations with a thriving learning culture have a strong foundation of collaboration, trust and learning within their teams, what I call ’The Buzz’. A learning culture provides the momentum and right environment to tackle the status quo and most importantly, do it as a collective focused on improvement. In this video seminar, we will discuss why a learning culture is critical for organisations to thrive and how a collective growth mindset, a compelling environment for learning and having the right conversations are essential in creating ’The Buzz’.

Overview: How To Build Collaborative Learning Cultures

Question 1:
Why is a learning culture so critical for organisations?


Question 2: What impact does leadership have on creating this culture?


Question 3:
What are the main components of a learning culture?

Question 4: What outcomes and results are seen in organisations with strong learning cultures?

About Tracey Ezard

Tracey Ezard is a keynote speaker, author and leadership and team educator. Her Ferocious Warmth leadership framework and collaborative learning culture framework The Buzz help leaders build environments that create both quality results and quality relationships.

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