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Video Seminar: Leaders’ Path to Success - Developing Resilient Organisations

Thursday 28 July, 2022
by Dr Norman Chorn
Navigating the future path within organisations means dealing with ongoing changes and uncertainty. It is the level of resilience within an organisation that will determine its future success. We no longer consider resilience as simply ‘bouncing back’ after a disruption. This is not effective in a changing environment. Resilience has to embrace ‘bouncing forward’ so that we can learn from the disruption and enhance our overall capability to deal with ongoing change and uncertainty. Our recent research into resilience in organisations reveals three underpinning elements of resilient organisations - Exploring the Future, Elastic Thinking, Anti-fragile practices These allow us to prepare for an uncertain future, think more strategically and put in place anti-fragile practices thereby creating a strong resilient organisation.


Overview: Leaders’ Path to Success: Developing Resilient Organisations

Question 1:
What is strategic resilience and why is it so important at this time?


Question 2: What are the key elements that underlie strategic resilience?


Question 3:
Why does the current market uncertainty present such difficulty?

Question 4: What do you mean by ‘anti-fragile’?

About Dr Norman Chorn

Dr Norman ChornDr Norman Chorn has a background in economics and behavioural sciences. He combines the principles of neuroscience with strategy to focus on planning and preparing for complex and uncertain environments.

Following a career with multi-national companies, he now runs a strategy and organisation development consultancy. He has published widely and also teaches at several local and overseas graduate schools of management. Norman is a non-executive director of two organisations and an ambassador for Thought Leaders Global.

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Dr Norman Chorn


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