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How To Create Teams That Swear By Each Other, Not About Each Other

Thursday 31 August, 2023
by Adrian Baillargeon
Senior executive teams that swear by each other innovate quicker, influence beyond their industry and enable the growth of their organisation, their people and themselves. Complacency is costly, and senior leaders must focus on how teamwork is done in the teams they lead AND the leadership team they are part of. In this interview, we will discuss what leadership teams need to focus on to swear more (in a good way), why it’s essential to be deliberate about how leadership teams do teamwork, how the trifecta of purpose can unite executives, and why it’s important for executive teams to use conflict to strengthen relationships.

Overview: How To Create Teams That Swear By Each Other, Not About Each Other

Question 1: 
What are the two most critical components for leadership teams to swear by each other (and not about each other)?  


Question 2: How does the trifecta of purpose help leadership teams shine? 


Question 3: 
Why should leadership teams consistently focus on how they do teamwork?

Question 4: Why is conflict important to mature relationships in leadership teams?  

About Adrian Baillargeon

Adrian Baillargeon is an author, international speaker, facilitator and executive coach He has spent over 20 years working in corporate and sports teams, including roles at Bupa ANZ, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada, Imperial Oil and Labatt's Canada. Obsessed with collaboration and human potential, Adrian draws his energy from finding ways for leaders to focus on what really matters so their teams can shine and succeed. To learn more visit:


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