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Video Seminar: Why We Need To Invest In Our ‘B-Suite'

Thursday 27 October, 2022
by Rebecca Houghton
B-Suite Leaders are the modern middle manager, evolving from order-taker to impact-maker as businesses become flatter and decision making is devolved further down the hierarchy. We'll discuss the impact that B-Suite Leaders have on culture, confidence and business continuity and the critical risk - and opportunity - they represent to rebuilding trust, psychological safety and performance.

Overview: Why We Need To Invest In Our ‘B-Suite'

Question 1:
What is the B-Suite and why haven't they been invested in to date?


Question 2: What's the risk of continuing to neglect B-Suite development?


Question 3:
What's the upside of this investment?

Question 4: Where do businesses need to focus first?

About Rebecca Houghton

Rebecca Houghton has over 20 years’ experience in Talent and is an expert on mid-level Leadership. Formerly Head of Talent and Careers for Australia Post Group, she has been instrumental in developing the capability and careers of literally thousands of people. Rebecca is an AHRI Talent Strategy and Golden Quill award-winner as well as the best-selling author of  IMPACT: 10 ways to level up your leadership and the architect of B-Suite Leaders with C-Suite Impact™, the only program of its kind dedicated to busy B-Suite leaders. Known for her generous, fun yet no-nonsense style, clients rave about her ability to instil confidence through the provision of tools and techniques that actually work. Providing B-Suite Mentoring, IMPACT Training and PlayNice Workshops for mid-large organisations across Australia, Rebecca has worked with clients such as Heinz, Allianz, Clarins and the Victorian Government. She is committed to building B-Suite Leaders with CSuite Impact™ and supporting organisations to have more impact, more easily.  

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Rebecca Houghton

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