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How To Build A Brand People Want To Work For, Buy From And Invest In

Friday 27 January, 2023
by Ros Weadman
In a post-COVID marketplace characterised by talent shortages, low trust and changed expectations, building a brand people want to work for, buy from and invest in has never been more important. However, building a credible and trustworthy brand and a strong positive reputation takes a lot more than just having a great product or service. In fact, people now expect brands to stand for more than just profit and act in socially-conscious ways to help create a better world. In this interview, we discuss how businesses can leverage their corporate culture to build a brand that stands out in today’s competitive and commoditised marketplace, and becomes a beacon for prospective employees, customers and investors.

Overview: How To Build A Brand People Want To Work For, Buy From And Invest In

Question 1:
Why is reputation so important for business success?


Question 2: How do purpose and values come into play when building a great brand?


Question 3:
How then, do you suggest companies build a great reputation?

Question 4: How else can companies build trust and connect with target audiences?

About Ros Weadman

Ros Weadman is an award-winning brand communication and reputation specialist. She helps leaders to build an industry-leading brand by amplifying their uniqueness and specialist expertise through powerful communication and strategic positioning. 

Ros Weadman

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