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Video Seminar: How You Transform By Turning Right

By Kay Bretz
There is no business transformation without the transformation of its leaders. Far too many transformational efforts don’t deliver on its high ambitions. Instead of realising step-change improvements, they often lead to incremental change. Through sports, I experienced what it took to realise step-change improvements. To tap into unknown opportunities, I had to reinvent my leadership approach. In only 18 months, I improved my performance running 24-hour ultramarathons by 22 percent and became the fastest-ever Australian at the 24-hour world championships. All it took was turning right - first physically at my garden gate, then metaphorically in all areas of my life.

Extract: What Do You Mean By 'Turning Right'?

Video Seminar: Kay Bretz

About Kay Bretz

Kay Bretz  Kay Bretz is a German born Australian, corporate leader, elite athlete and explorer. Kay earned his master’s degree in International Business and received a Doctorate in European Law before embarking on a successful leadership career across Europe and Japan which led him to Australia in 2011. He improved the race record of Big Red Run, a 250-kilometre, multi- stage, running event in the Australian outback, by more than five hours. He followed this with a series of podium finishes in events up to 350 kilometres. In 2019 Kay was selected for the 24- hour world championships in Albi, France, where he was awarded the Australian Ultra Performance of the Year Award. In 2020, Kay founded Turning Right, a business that helps individuals and organisations thrive, without the need to run crazy distances.

Kay Bretz
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