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Video Seminar: 4 Steps To Unlocking Leadership Potential During Uncertainty

By Repa Patel
Gallup’s research shows that 82% of the time, leaders are promoted or selected for the wrong reasons. They are promoted due to tenure, technical expertise, or good performance in an unrelated position, not because they are good leaders. Leadership is about influence and impact not directing and controlling people and resources or technical expertise. Organisations that teach their managers to become leaders achieve higher productivity, profitability and engagement through trust built by authentic leadership.

Extract: What Is The Role Of A Leader And How Does This Improve Organisational Performance?

Video Seminar: Repa Patel

About Repa Patel

Repa Patel  Repa Patel GAICD is an author, speaker, facilitator, executive coach and non-executive director. As a former corporate executive leading an international team, she grasps the intricacies of leading through complex change to deliver sustainable results. Guided by the understanding that leadership starts with yourself, Repa is known for igniting the hearts and minds of her clients to help them achieve their highest potential. With a diverse portfolio of C suite executives, not for profit leaders and many more, Repa is a sought-after mindful leadership commentator across key media outlets.

Repa Patel

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