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Why Leadership Has The Biggest Impact On Customer Experience

Monday 18 September, 2023
by Monique Richardson

Leadership has the single biggest impact on customer experience. Happy customers are the result of a happy team and customer and employee experiences are inextricably linked. The strongest service cultures have an organisation-wide commitment to taking care of their customers, whether in frontline or support roles that serve those who directly serve customers.

Leadership is the lever that drives customer focus. It is also the most significant enabler of any team member’s ability to deliver an exceptional service experience. The level of customer focus of a team is directly proportionate to the leader’s focus. It begins with the CEO and the executive and extends to every people leader within the organisation.

Overview: Why Leadership Has The Biggest Impact On Customer Experience

Question 1:
What are the qualities of exceptional service leaders?


Question 2: Why is there such a strong link between customer and employee experience?


Question 3:
Why is it so important from a leadership perspective to have clearly defined service standards?

Question 4: How does coaching and feedback from leadership improve a service culture?

About Monique Richardson

Monique is a leading speaker and expert in service leadership and customer service whose goal is to help transform customer service cultures through a service leadership driven approach. She works with organisations across the globe and is the author of Managing Difficult Customer Behaviour: A Practical Guide for Confident Conversations. To learn more visit:

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