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Video Seminar: How To Amplify Accountability

Wednesday 17 August, 2022
by Dr Paige Williams
Until we get accountability right, we’re wasting our time effort and energy with everything else we do - like flushing water down a drain - and it’s the thing I see most often keeps leaders, teams and organisations fragile and prevents them from making progress and achieving the success they’re aiming for. From understanding why we have such a problem with accountability and how powerful it is in shaping our social interactions, to what we can do to step into personally, coach others to do the same or create a context and culture of accountability, we’ll talk research, case studies, stories and step-by-step guides about how to do accountability better. Accountability affects us all. Whether you’re giving or receiving it and whether you need a boost of confidence, motivation or support, this conversation will help.

Overview: How To Amplify Accountability

Question 1:
What are the issues with accountability?


Question 2: How can you tell if you have a problem in your team or organisation?


Question 3:
What can we do if people aren’t delivering what we need them to?

Question 4: What can we do if we’re being asked for too much?

About Dr Paige Williams

DR PAIGE WILLIAMS is an author, researcher and PhD in Organisational Behaviour. A trusted advisor and mentor to senior leaders across business, government, education and beyond, she uses a potent blend of neuroscience, psychology and her own twenty-plus years of international business leadership experience to surface uncomfortable truths and help leaders see the rules they need to break in order to breakthrough and lead themselves, their teams, and their organisations to thrive. The results are dramatic and measurable.

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