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Video Seminar: Self-Care Is Vital For Leaders In 2022 - Here's How To Do It

Friday 11 March, 2022
by Michelle Gibbings
Pressure! Some people hate it. Other people thrive on it. We all react to it differently and have different tolerance levels for responding and managing its impact. However, one common thing is that workplaces are a breeding ground for stress. As a leader, it's critical to not only effectively balance the pressure in your working day, but to successfully spot the warning signs of danger for your team members, so you can support them to make healthy and wise choices.

Overview: Self-Care Is Vital For Leaders In 2022 - Here's How To Do It

Question 1:
Why does self-care matter for leaders?


Question 2: What are the warning signs of burn out?


Question 3:
How do you manage stress and prevent burn out?

Question 4: How do you best support your team?

About Michelle Gibbings


Michelle GibbingsMelbourne-based Michelle Gibbings is the workplace expert. Internationally recognised, she is the award-winning author of three books and is welcomed on stages globally to help inspire leaders, teams and organisations to create successful workplaces. From her penmanship to her captivating keynotes, Michelle’s relentless pursuit to empower people is palpable. She is on a mission to change workplaces for the better - helping people to step ahead, step up and leap into their brilliant future. Her expertise is underpinned by success in senior leadership positions across multiple industries and functional areas. She has undergraduate degrees in Communications and Commerce, a Masters in International Trade and her PhD is underway. She is an Internationally Certified Compliance Professional by the International Federation of Compliance Associations and is a graduate and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 


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Michelle Gibbings Phone: +61 3 8300 7357

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