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Burnout Is Real

Wednesday 26 April, 2023
by Melo Calarco
Australian workers suffered a higher level of burnout at work compared to anywhere else in the world, with 62% of employees experiencing burnout, compared with a global average of 48%. It’s even higher for Australian managers with 66% experiencing burnout (Microsoft’s Work Trends Index 2022). As the head of a company, the CEO carries a great deal of responsibility on their shoulders. The pressure of managing a business and the constant demand for results can take a toll on their physical and mental health, which could possibly lead to burnout. Burnout can affect not only the CEO but also the leaders, managers and the entire company, as their performance and decision-making abilities are compromised when running on low energy. Burnout is real and is affecting more and more people but it can be prevented with a few simple steps and techniques, one of these techniques is mindfulness.

Overview: Burnout is real, the effects are harmful, and we often don’t see it until it’s too late.

Question 1:
What is burnout, why is it so prevalent and what are the signs?


Question 2: Why are CEOs or leaders prone or more susceptible to burnout?


Question 3:
What’s the difference between chronic stress and burnout?

Question 4: What measures can we put in place to avoid burnout happening in the first place?

About Melo Calarco

As a certified mindfulness and performance coach, Melo has the unique ability to bring the best out of the people, and the companies, he works with. His results-based work is grounded in neuroscience, mindfulness, human behaviour, and other unique tools to help his clients find self-awareness, clarity, focus and ultimately success.

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