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Video Seminar: The 5 Steps For Having Influential Conversations

Wednesday 28 September, 2022
by Gerard Penna
Influencing and leadership are synonymous with each other. Great leaders are skilled at influencing and mobilising other people. But too many senior leaders rely solely on their power or authority to demand compliance. This is usually insufficient to produce the high levels of engagement and commitment they need from others. Especially if they’re to succeed with an ambitious agenda. A more sophisticated and thoughtful approach is needed.
In this Video Seminar, we’ll outline the 5 steps you can take to be more engaging and influential with your leadership:
  • Prepare, to succeed
  • Turn up warm and strong
  • Inquire before advocating
  • Be clear on the ask
  • Share benefits that resonate

Overview: The 5 Steps For Having Influential Conversations

Question 1:
Why does influencing matter in leadership?


Question 2: Why do we find it hard to influence some people?


Question 3:
Is it just the conversation that matters, or is there more?

Question 4: In a good conversation, is influence flowing one way?

About Gerard Penna

Gerard Penna is a leadership advisor and coach to billionaires, CEOs, Boards and senior leaders, working in diverse settings from desert mining camps to hi tech starts ups and sky-scraping boardrooms. He is also CEO and Founder of Xtraordinary Leaders, a training company deeply committed to lifting the bar on leadership and leadership development. 

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