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Video Seminars

Watch interview style videos of your favourite IIDM contributors outlining best practice on the latest business and leadership challenges.

The embedded videos on this page are extracts of full Video Seminars, click 'Full Video Seminar' to view each complete series.


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Video Seminar: Be An Influence For Productivity

For most people life has never been busier. Work is stressful. Our personal lives are overflowing...

Video Seminar: Intrapreneurship - Secrets To Staff Loyalty

Imagine a world where employees love coming to work, give more of themselves than ever before, stay...

Video Seminar: Innovation And Opportunity Capture - The Secret To Success

Too many people make innovation simply too hard to understand and it seems that nobody has a way to...

Video Seminar: Employee Engagement Is The New Leadership

Richard Maloney will be offering proven insights for business leaders who are seeking the latest...

Video Seminar: Strategy Development and Implementation - Critical Success Factors

Many organisations do not understand strategy and strategy development is often executed poorly -...

Video Seminar: Innovation Is A Time Of Rapid Change

In the age of digital disruption organisations need to adapt but many struggle to keep up with the...

Video Seminar: The Real Deal - The Human Side To Selling

Just as business and technology have both progressed to create a new world, one pivotal part of the...

Video Seminar: CEOs On Social Media

The importance for CEOs being active on social media is growing each day. Employees believe that...

Video Seminar: Pinnacle of Performance

Peak performance is achievable when talented people choose to invest energy and behave in ways that...

Video Seminar: The Communicating Leader

Communication is at the heart of a leader’s work. The effectiveness of our leadership and influence...

Video Seminar: Workplace Engagement and Culture

This seminar will look at the topics of engagement and culture. Proven to be a driver of...

Video Seminar: Digital Transformation And The Role Of Customer Experience

Digital technology has dramatically sped up the pace of business innovation and created an...

Video Seminar: Accelerating Personal Productivity Under Pressure

In your current business climate, you will be under great stress to deliver more in less time with...

Video Seminar: Successful Leadership Using Human Instincts

A strange thing happened to Homo sapiens only 250 years ago; we changed habitat. Suddenly with the...

Video Seminar: Execution To Die For

Deciding what needs to be done is often the easy part of the job - the hard part is making it...

Total 63 articles in this section.
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Total 63 articles in this section.
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Video Seminar: Increasing Productivity With Cognitive Science

by Ethan Glessich

At the centre of every organisation are people. The sum of the individual decisions and actions of these people result in the business outcomes achieved. Cognitive psychology and neuroscience present an opportunity to better understand the drivers of these decisions and actions. This deeper knowledge can help CEOs and business leaders develop tools, processes and behaviours which better align employees with the organisation’s top priorities, increase productivity and prepare the business for the challenges ahead.

Video Seminar: How To Connect To Your Audience Creating Common Ground And Emotional Appeal

By Emma Bannister

Presentations are our default way of communicating professional, business and corporate information and ideas. Yet we’re getting them all wrong. Our most important and urgent messages stay trapped; hidden behind seriously bad-designed slides and long complex paragraphs of information. These messages could have made a difference in the world: secured buy-in from your team on a new vision, won a multi-million-dollar contract or built awareness around a life-changing new product. But instead they go unheard, unseen, and not understood - until now. There should be no more B2B or B2C in today’s communication landscape. All this has done is create unnatural, over complicated messages and solutions.

Video Seminar: Why Authentic Leadership Is More Important Than Ever

By Nicholas Barnett

Our community has lost faith in the leaders of our institutions because there has been a lack of alignment between what they say they stand for and some of the things their organisations do. Employees and the community are crying out for authentic leadership that can admit mistakes, say they are sorry and take substantial steps to bring about transformational change. Authentic leaders know that fundamental and lasting change on the inside is needed before it will be consistently exhibited on the outside. And that is the same for individuals and organisations alike. Authentic leaders have a deep conviction that discovering and living a higher order organisational purpose is the only way to rebuild the faith and trust that has been lost. They also believe that in doing so it will transform their organisation from the inside out. This cultural transformation will energise and focus employees, build a sustainable competitive advantage, greater organisational capacity and higher shareholder returns over the long term.

Video Seminar: How To Create Adaptive Leaders

By Sebastian Salicru

The main challenges faced by today’s leaders are not technical, but rather ‘adaptive’ - those for which there are not known solutions as we have not experienced them before. They are difficult to define, complex, and call for new ideas to bring about change in multiple places. Adaptive challenges can only be addressed through changes in people’s priorities, values, beliefs, perspectives, habits and loyalties. Traditional management strategies are useful in dealing with technical problems, but in situations where beliefs and values come into play they tend to exacerbate the problem. Making progress requires going beyond any authoritative expertise to mobilise discovery, shedding entrenched ways which are no longer useful, tolerating losses and generating a new capacity to thrive anew.

Video Seminar: Compliance

By Cheryl Disher

In a world that is ever changing and employers are being held to account by the legal system we believe that if a business isn’t aware of its HR responsibilities it’s headed for trouble. When done correctly HR compliance is a process. It becomes part of every day and maintaining it becomes routine. There are businesses who are not aware of what makes them compliant. Our role is to assist businesses in understanding compliance and what is required ongoing. Hear from Cheryl Disher from HR Advice Online as she shares tips and ideas for ensuring compliance and maintaining.

Video Seminar: How Business Owners Can Protect Their Personal Assets

By Stephen Barnes

Things happen in life and good management is to have a level of preparedness for events even if they seem unlikely today. We are generally quite good at doing this and hence we take out insurance policies on our major assets and ourselves. In this video seminar, Stephen will advise businesses on how they can protect their personal assets. Stephen will discuss on why personal asset protection is important for business owners, what are some common traps and what are some tips to protect personal assets.

Video Seminar: Why Is Succession Planning Important?

By Kerry Boulton

Whether CEOs want to face it or not, everyone will leave their business one day. It's inevitable… simply because we're human. Rather than wait for "someone or something else" to make the decision, take the time to plan your exit or succession, so you can leave on your terms, in your own time frame and excited about the next stage of your life.

Video Seminar: Feedback Cultures Are Game Changers

By Georgia Murch

We all want to create high performance businesses that have great cultures, retain proactive hard working people. Who then create great products and services that customers can’t buy enough of that ripple through the market. But what is required to do that? How do we go about it? Embedding a feedback culture is the foundation for actually making this happen. It is possible to create lasting change and become the team and organisation that people love working in and for.

Video Seminar: Leadership Hacks - Clever Shortcuts To Improve Performance

By Scott Stein

With increasing responsibility, accountability and expanded duties, modern leaders are expected to do more with less - and yet still be nimble enough to balance shifting priorities, competitors and deadlines. With so much at stake, how can you 'hack' your leadership to ensure you can still make a real impact? Leadership Hacks is the smart leader's guide to achieve more in less time. Leaders can make a difference to the people they manage and the tasks they undertake if they understand how to use personal, one-on-one and team hacks. In this video series on Leadership Hacks, author Scott Stein will provide tips, tricks and advice to rise above daily distractions to make real progress. Leaders will learn what a leadership hack is and how they can use it, how to hack their inbox to save valuable time, how to get staff to do what you want through a delegation hack and how to hack team meetings so they are not a waste of time.

Video Seminar: The Circle of True Purpose

By Mike Edmonds

Mike explains why consumers’ trust in brands is at an all time low. And how that impacts on the trust of companies and indeed of capitalism itself. He then shares a solution - true purpose – and explains its “triple win” for business owners, their staff and society in general. Mike provides viewers with a simple yet potent system for achieving enduring growth and success when business owners place their authentic motives at the core of everything they do. This “Circle of True Purpose” is at once a map and a compass, guiding business owners towards a higher ideal, while at the same time attracting and retaining more customers. It is a pattern of human behaviour that can be learned and applied to any business, social enterprise or charity.

Video Seminar: The Digital Transformation Playbook

By Anthony Stevens

Very few companies were born digital. In fact, pre-digital companies - or pre-digital incumbents - dominated the playing field for years. But that’s no longer the case, as these companies are built on traditional business models that no longer work. We have entered a new economy - where chasing digital is not only the norm, but absolutely necessary to survive. Ambitious organisations will embrace the chase and establish the necessary digital foundations to meet new challenges as they present themselves. In contrast, businesses that cling to the status quo risk losing their competitive edge and their viability. Chasing Digital provides a comprehensive guide to help your company overcome the inevitable hurdles it will face in this new digital landscape, and chart a course for future success.

Video Seminar: How To Harness The Technical Tools To Build Your Online Business

By Bernadette Schwerdt

Discover how Australia’s top online entrepreneurs built their online businesses and how you can too. This video will give you the skills to take your existing online presence and super-charge it to maximise the opportunities available. Maybe you’d like help to identify the best business idea to pursue, tips on how to set it up and strategies to grow it quickly using low-cost tools. Maybe you’d like some in-depth nitty gritty tech tools that will fast track your success and shorten your learning curve. Author and digital marketing expert Bernadette Schwerdt reveals how Australia’s top digital disruptors launched their online businesses and how they have created award-winning businesses that are going global. She’ll share their secrets of success so that you can fast track your learning and avoid the errors and mistakes most make when starting out.

Video Seminar: How To Leverage Curiosity To Supercharge Your Business

By Evette Cordy

Are you curious enough to unearth your organisation’s most valuable problem? The problem that will unlock abundance, possibility and growth, that will bravely lead your business into the future. Understanding customer problems is the key to breakthrough innovation and implementing initiatives that benefit your bottom line. That’s why you must first learn to problem find, not problem solve. Cultivating curiosity will help you to do this. It will help you unearth the insights that your competitors don't have, the key to inspiring growth.

Video Seminar: Projectify Strategy To Evolve Your Business

By Jeff Schwisow

In order to thrive - or perhaps survive - in today’s highly dynamic business environment, increasingly requires strategy-making that allows you to evolve at the pace of change and be nimble in the face of uncertainty. Yet, business strategy has become a very static, analytical discipline where plans that create the illusion of certainty are valued over planning for an uncertain future. As a result, research shows that the success rate for the implementation of strategic plans is dismal, with the percentage of failed implementations ranging anywhere from 63% to 90%, depending on the research.

Video Seminar: Creating A Customer Service Mindset

By Jaquie Scammell

Most organisations these days are either looking to transform their customer service culture or are amidst the transformation. The point is everyone knows they need to be doing something more than they ever had to win the hearts and minds of customers. The problem is that the way most businesses go about addressing customer service is wrong. The current customer service model is antiquated and doesn’t work! It’s too expensive - it doesn’t stick - it doesn’t get to the heart of your organisations culture, no matter how much you train your staff and bang on about how important service is, it’s just not in your DNA. It’s a mindset shift that is needed and that mindset needs to start with the leaders of the business. Service mindset is not only the key to maintaining a service culture that sticks, it will also have a significant impact on society at large.

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