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Video Seminar: Feedback Cultures Are Game Changers

By Georgia Murch
We all want to create high performance businesses that have great cultures, retain proactive hard working people. Who then create great products and services that customers can’t buy enough of that ripple through the market. But what is required to do that? How do we go about it? Embedding a feedback culture is the foundation for actually making this happen. It is possible to create lasting change and become the team and organisation that people love working in and for.

Extract: Why Has Feedback Become So Important These Days?

Video Seminar: Georgia Murch

About Georgia Murch

Georgia MurchGeorgia Murch is a super-pragmatic, pocket-rocket when it comes to creating effective feedback cultures. She is the author of the best-selling book, ‘Fixing Feedback’ and has just launched ‘Feedback Flow: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide to Embed Change in 90 Days’. She works with savvy organisations committed to improving their people and leaders and driving a culture that sticks. She helps solve seemingly impossible problems and plans the right strategies. She has led businesses and teams and understand the complexity of leading and managing.

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Georgia Murch Phone: 0407 158 620
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