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Video Seminar: Leadership Hacks - Clever Shortcuts To Improve Performance

By Scott Stein
With increasing responsibility, accountability and expanded duties, modern leaders are expected to do more with less - and yet still be nimble enough to balance shifting priorities, competitors and deadlines. With so much at stake, how can you 'hack' your leadership to ensure you can still make a real impact? Leadership Hacks is the smart leader's guide to achieve more in less time. Leaders can make a difference to the people they manage and the tasks they undertake if they understand how to use personal, one-on-one and team hacks. In this video series on Leadership Hacks, author Scott Stein will provide tips, tricks and advice to rise above daily distractions to make real progress. Leaders will learn what a leadership hack is and how they can use it, how to hack their inbox to save valuable time, how to get staff to do what you want through a delegation hack and how to hack team meetings so they are not a waste of time.

Extract: What Is A Leadership Hack And How Can I Use It?

Video Seminar: Scott Stein

About Scott Stein

Scott SteinScott Stein has helped thousands of leaders around the world implement fast-track strategies that improve results. He is a leading international speaker and expert on leadership and influence who helps many of the world’s best-known brands to mobilise their leaders and their people. Scott has a Master’s Degree in Communication and taught Communication and Public Speaking at Central Michigan University. He also received the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the Professional Speakers Association, which recognises him as one of the top speakers across the globe. Scott is the author of Leadership Hacks: Clever Strategies to Boost Your Impact and Results.

Contact Details

Scott Stein Phone: +61 412 990 919
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