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Video Seminar: Why Authentic Leadership Is More Important Than Ever

By Nicholas Barnett
Our community has lost faith in the leaders of our institutions because there has been a lack of alignment between what they say they stand for and some of the things their organisations do. Employees and the community are crying out for authentic leadership that can admit mistakes, say they are sorry and take substantial steps to bring about transformational change. Authentic leaders know that fundamental and lasting change on the inside is needed before it will be consistently exhibited on the outside. And that is the same for individuals and organisations alike. Authentic leaders have a deep conviction that discovering and living a higher order organisational purpose is the only way to rebuild the faith and trust that has been lost. They also believe that in doing so it will transform their organisation from the inside out. This cultural transformation will energise and focus employees, build a sustainable competitive advantage, greater organisational capacity and higher shareholder returns over the long term.

Extract: Why Authentic Leadership Is More Important Than Ever

Video Seminar: Nicholas Barnett

About Nicholas Barnett

Nicholas BarnettNicholas Barnett is Chief Executive Officer of Insync, Chairman of Ansvar Insurance and a Director of Mission Australia. A former KPMG partner, Nicholas has been a director, business leader and consultant for over 35 years. He is a founder of Board Benchmarking and GenderWorx. He is the author of GPS for your Organisation and The 7 Business Habits That Drive High Performance.

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Nicholas Barnett Phone: +61 3 9909 9209

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