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Video Seminar: The Circle of True Purpose

By Mike Edmonds
Mike explains why consumers’ trust in brands is at an all time low. And how that impacts on the trust of companies and indeed of capitalism itself. He then shares a solution - true purpose – and explains its “triple win” for business owners, their staff and society in general. Mike provides viewers with a simple yet potent system for achieving enduring growth and success when business owners place their authentic motives at the core of everything they do. This “Circle of True Purpose” is at once a map and a compass, guiding business owners towards a higher ideal, while at the same time attracting and retaining more customers. It is a pattern of human behaviour that can be learned and applied to any business, social enterprise or charity.

Extract: Why Don’t Consumers Trust Brands Anymore?

Video Seminar: Mike Edmonds

About Mike Edmonds

Mike EdmondsAfter two decades as Company Director/Chief Creative Officer of Perth advertising agencies Ogilvy & Mather, Market force and 303MullenLowe, Mike Edmonds founded his own company Meerkats in 2004. Meerkats is a brand leadership company on a mission to reinvent advertising agencies for the 21st century, around the principles of consumer truth and organisational purpose. And while famous for its many successful ad campaigns for iiNet, HBF and Brownes, the core of Meerkats success is providing its clients with creative business solutions ahead of ad campaigns. Now in its 12th year, Meerkats has been named Campaign Brief Agency of the Year 3 times in the past five years and has won creative and effectiveness awards around Australia and the world. In August 2016, Mike handed over the day-to-day running of Meerkats to his management team and is now focusing on sharing his market-making philosophies outside of the advertising industry; in particular to company owners and CEOs, via books and articles.

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Mike Edmonds Phone: 08 9388 0011
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