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Video Seminar: How Business Owners Can Protect Their Personal Assets

By Stephen Barnes
Things happen in life and good management is to have a level of preparedness for events even if they seem unlikely today. We are generally quite good at doing this and hence we take out insurance policies on our major assets and ourselves. In this video seminar, Stephen will advise businesses on how they can protect their personal assets. Stephen will discuss on why personal asset protection is important for business owners, what are some common traps and what are some tips to protect personal assets.

Extract: How Business Owners Can Protect Their Personal Assets

Video Seminar: Stephen Barnes

About Stephen Barnes

Stephen BarnesMelbourne-based Stephen Barnes has over 20 years advising clients from new business start-ups to publicly listed company turnarounds and in a wide array of industries. He prides himself on quickly understanding the client’s business and issues and synthesising problems to develop pragmatic solutions. Stephen is a qualified chartered accountant, a certified inbound marketer, and a registered ASIC agent. Run Your Business Better is his first book.

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Stephen Barnes Phone: 0402 034 490
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