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Video Seminar: Projectify Strategy To Evolve Your Business

By Jeff Schwisow
In order to thrive - or perhaps survive - in today’s highly dynamic business environment, increasingly requires strategy-making that allows you to evolve at the pace of change and be nimble in the face of uncertainty. Yet, business strategy has become a very static, analytical discipline where plans that create the illusion of certainty are valued over planning for an uncertain future. As a result, research shows that the success rate for the implementation of strategic plans is dismal, with the percentage of failed implementations ranging anywhere from 63% to 90%, depending on the research.

Extract: What Does ‘Projectifying Strategy’ Mean?

Video Seminar: Jeff Schwisow

About Jeff Schwisow

Jeff SchwisowMelbourne-based Jeff Schwisow is a strategy specialist, speaker and author of Projectify - How to use projects to engage your people in strategy that evolves your business. Jeff is passionate about people and projects. He believes when the two come together a truly exceptional workplace is formed – one that engages its people, one that consistently delights its clients and one that constantly evolves to generate exceptional business results. He has helped businesses across Australia and New Zealand to use projects better, including Shell, Chevron, PetroChina, CPB Contractors, Downer Utilities, Powercor/Citipower, Sydney Water, and Icon Water. Find out more at

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Jeff Schwisow Phone: 1300 232 141
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