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Video Seminar: Creating A Customer Service Mindset

By Jaquie Scammell
Most organisations these days are either looking to transform their customer service culture or are amidst the transformation. The point is everyone knows they need to be doing something more than they ever had to win the hearts and minds of customers. The problem is that the way most businesses go about addressing customer service is wrong. The current customer service model is antiquated and doesn’t work! It’s too expensive - it doesn’t stick - it doesn’t get to the heart of your organisations culture, no matter how much you train your staff and bang on about how important service is, it’s just not in your DNA. It’s a mindset shift that is needed and that mindset needs to start with the leaders of the business. Service mindset is not only the key to maintaining a service culture that sticks, it will also have a significant impact on society at large.

Extract: What Is The Impact That Poor Service Is Having On Businesses And Society?

Video Seminar: Jaquie Scammell

About Jaquie Scammell

Jaquie ScammellJaquie Scammell has spent most of her career living at the intersection of employee and customer, observing how the two relate. She is a sought-after speaker, facilitator and coach working with some of the largest global workforces in retail, banking and hospitality, as well as major airports, stadiums and events from Wembley Stadium in the UK to the Australian Open Grand Slam in Melbourne. Jaquie has managed and advised workforces of all sizes, from small teams to staff of more than 9,500, interacting with millions of fans on a daily basis. Creating a Customer Service Mindset is her first book.

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Jaquie Scammell Phone: 0431 133 904
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