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Video Seminar: How To Harness The Technical Tools To Build Your Online Business

By Bernadette Schwerdt
Discover how Australia’s top online entrepreneurs built their online businesses and how you can too. This video will give you the skills to take your existing online presence and super-charge it to maximise the opportunities available. Maybe you’d like help to identify the best business idea to pursue, tips on how to set it up and strategies to grow it quickly using low-cost tools. Maybe you’d like some in-depth nitty gritty tech tools that will fast track your success and shorten your learning curve. Author and digital marketing expert Bernadette Schwerdt reveals how Australia’s top digital disruptors launched their online businesses and how they have created award-winning businesses that are going global. She’ll share their secrets of success so that you can fast track your learning and avoid the errors and mistakes most make when starting out.

Extract: What Are The Key Tools Smart Entrepreneurs Are Using To Gain An Edge?

Video Seminar: Bernadette Schwerdt

About Bernadette Schwerdt

Bernadette SchwerdtBernadette Schwerdt is one of Australia’s most accomplished marketers, communication experts and business commentators. As the host of The Age newspaper’s online video show ‘Secrets of Aussie Online Entrepreneurs’ and the author of the book by the same name, Bernadette is in a unique position to reveal the inner-most secrets behind how some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs built their businesses. As a marketing executive, she has worked with iconic brands including Apple, American Express and BHP. Her unique ability to inspire as well as provide practical strategies that work make her a sought-after trainer on digital strategy and entrepreneurship.

Contact Details

Bernadette Schwerdt Phone: +61 3 9337 6601
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