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Video Seminar: How To Leverage Curiosity To Supercharge Your Business

By Evette Cordy
Are you curious enough to unearth your organisation’s most valuable problem? The problem that will unlock abundance, possibility and growth, that will bravely lead your business into the future. Understanding customer problems is the key to breakthrough innovation and implementing initiatives that benefit your bottom line. That’s why you must first learn to problem find, not problem solve. Cultivating curiosity will help you to do this. It will help you unearth the insights that your competitors don't have, the key to inspiring growth.

Extract: Why You Need To First Problem Find, Not Problem Solve

Video Seminar: Evette Cordy

About Evette Cordy

Evette CordyEvette Cordy is curious - and she’s passionate about making you curious too! She is an adventurous problem finder who delivers commercial business growth through breakthrough innovation. As the chief investigator, lead facilitator and co-founder of Agents of Spring, Evette runs highly interactive and engaging stakeholder and consumer workshops to identify opportunities and facilitate new ways of thinking in organisations and across industries like technology, retail, services, FMCG, property, government, education and banking and finance. Evette Cordy is not only an innovation expert, but also a registered psychologist with a rich understanding of customer behaviours, motivation and needs.

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Evette Cordy Phone: +61 3 9629 8998
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