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Growing The Business

What strategies and business models can be adopted to grow the business to greater levels of profitability and overall financial performance? Where can you secure funding for this growth?
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Get In Gear For Business Growth

by Simon Tupman

Are you taking full advantage of the gears to accelerate your business growth? If not, then make a start and the most of the opportunities. It may make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Corporate Renewal As A Business Growth Strategy

by Dr. Dean Robb

Ongoing corporate renewal has become the only viable long-term business growth strategy.

Multiple Strategies To Grow Your Business

by Tony Gattari

So you go out and spend money on getting people in the door. How busy is your store?

Prospecting For New Business

by Graham Haines

Increase your odds when prospecting for new business growth by dividing your efforts into three stages: Identifying the business growth opportunities, evaluating your options and drilling.

Appropriate Risk Behaviour For Rapid Growth Entrepreneurs

by Dr Lionel Boxer

This article is for those entrepreneurs interested in optimising the risk they accept while pursuing rapid growth.

Ten Steps To Obtaining Private Equity

by Maureen Frank

Successful business owners in need of capital to fund an aggressive growth strategy should seriously consider the private equity market.

Get Your Business Investment Ready

by Bentleys MRI

The time comes when many small-business owners realise the only prospect for expansion is bringing in external investment. It could be a bank loan or taking on board new shareholders as business angels, venture capitalists or even a stock market flotation. Whichever it is, solid preparation is the key to success. Here, we take you through the key steps to getting your business investment-ready.

Small Business Banking

by Kevin O'Donnell

For small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), obtaining bank finance can be complex and daunting. There are five key considerations for SMEs to consider.

Managing Growth For Success

by John Corrigan

Growth is the elixir for business success. However, for many businesses it is also its Achilles heel, for failure to manage it can be a lethal drug that leads to disaster. Managing growth is an issue for all businesses, regardless of size.

Funding Business Growth

by James Henderson

When setting up a business, many owners provide the initial working capital themselves. However, owner-funding of the business should not be seen as a long term financing option.

Is Your Business A Franchise?

by Macpherson + Kelley Lawyers

You may not even know it but your business may be a franchise. Or if it's not a franchise, should it be?

Enabling 'Entrepreneurial' Business Growth

by Craig Peacock

Why do some companies grow and are successful over many years, while other companies struggle to 'move-beyond' their initial growth stage and early successes? Having made the decision to grow the business, how does the business owner plan for growth?

How Businesses Grow

by George Tanewski

The typical progression of a successful growth business, whether it be an independent enterprise or a division of a large corporation, is normally piloted in the earlier stages by ambitious souls who work long and late to fill the cash and people voids caused by either the sudden excess or continuing lack of orders. This article focuses on the management issues of companies that have passed beyond the problems of month-to-month existence and meeting the next payroll.

Successful Business Expansion

by George Tanewski

Business growth has a bad reputation today. With downsizing and spinoffs dominating the business news, the sentiment seems to be that small is beautiful, whereas big is bad. This article outlines how companies that grew helter-skelter in the 1980s and crashed and burned in the 1990s didn’t fail due to growth, but failed because they never planned that growth.

How To Franchise Your Business

by Eric Morgen

‘Franchising is the single most successful marketing concept ever’ writes John Naisbitt, author of Megatrends. The secret of developing a successful franchise arrangement starts with the foundation of a tested and profitable business that has been in operation for at least 2 years.

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