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Growing The Business

What strategies and business models can be adopted to grow the business to greater levels of profitability and overall financial performance? Where can you secure funding for this growth?
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7 Building Blocks For Business Momentum

by Jenny Stilwell

A recurring challenge for many businesses - whether they're in early stages of growth, well established, or in acquisition mode - is where to allocate resources - people, time, money, technology - for the greatest result. The desired outcome is always momentum - positive momentum!

3 Reasons You Need Client Tiers To Grow Your Business

by Jenny Stilwell

Tiers are important! It's a great tool to keep you focused. Not just for small businesses but also for large companies.

3 Seeds To Plant For Future Growth

by Gayle Lantz

Now is the time to plant seeds that can bear fruit for your organisation in the future. You can even provide seeds of value at little or no cost. Here are some ideas.

Recession Proof Your Business

by Ron Romano

When you're a small business owner there's no "golden parachute", no massive severance package or stock options to cash in on and there are definitely no bailouts. The success or failure of your small business is all on your shoulders!

Grow Your Business Without Borrowing

by Sue Hirst

If you've tried to get new lending or renew an existing loan, you will know how hard it is right now. As a result of the credit crunch, banks have pretty much ‘shut-up shop' in terms of business lending to both small and medium sized businesses.

How Many Franchisee Territories Should I Have?

by Peter Buckingham

Whilst no exact answer can be given to the question of how many territories should be made for a particular market, here is a sequence that will help you appropriately plan your Franchisee territories - for your business needs today and into the future.

The Value Of A Business Model

by John Cleary

Whether you are a successful or aspiring business owner or manager, understanding and developing your business model is vital to improved performance and sustainability.

How To Avoid Site Selection Failure ... And A Franchisee Lawsuit

by Peter Buckingham

Franchisors have to undertake reasonable due diligence in selecting sites and assisting their Franchisees to attain financial viability. Would your Site Selection Process pass the test? I will look at some of the pitfalls and some ways to avoid, or at least minimise, failure.

How To Avoid Site Selection Failure - Sales Prediction Modelling

by Peter Buckingham

All Franchisors should look at the process they have in place for site selection. Franchisees may be able to lay the blame for financial failure back on their Franchisors, if they cannot show some logic and process in how they went about site selection.

Site Selection: Are You A Strategic Planner, Or Just Another Opportunist?

by Peter Buckingham

Many retail businesses which fail, lay the blame on having poor sites. Well, let's say "Not quite as good as the competitors operate from!". This leads to ALWAYS being slightly behind the market, and in the end, struggling to survive as the competition hots up.

Should You Franchise Your Business?

by Garry Williamson

It's a fair question, so let's look at all the pros and cons.

Careful How You Grow

by Tom McKaskill

A little early planning can save a lot of headaches as a business expands.

Building Territories For A Franchise System

by Peter Buckingham

Many franchise systems incorporate the allocation of defined territories to the franchisees. However, the application of a little bit of science can generate far more equitable territories and avoid a myriad of problems down the track.

Get Financiers Fighting For Your Business

by Matthew Nolan

Be confident, prepared, and share your enthusiasm about the future of your business with your lender. Your attitude, approach and commitment to the long-term business goals will help to establish you as a highly sought after customer.

Tapping Into Funding To Grow Your Business

by Ivan Kaye

Are you looking to start up a business commercialising a new technology, engineering or other innovation? There is help available - from government grants to private equity backing - if you know where to look and how to go about positioning your business to potential backers.

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