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Setting Values, Goals & Vision

Values, goals, mission or vision statements should be more than bland words on a piece of paper. What should you consider when setting your organisational values, goals and vision so that you captivate your audience?
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The First Key To A Remarkable Workplace - Purpose

by Paul Bridle

Having a purpose is important. If you don't have one, then people make assumptions as to what is important and focus on that.

Value-stifling Bureaucracy

by Paul J. Morris

With every project, there are two broad focuses: value creation and project administration. Many businesses often sacrifice significant value creation in preference of placating the internal process auditor!

Business Turnaround And Renewal

by Dean Robb

Here’s the punch line: think of corporate renewal as proactive business turnaround.

Successful Organisational Leadership

by Gerard A. Abraham

Effective execution through strategic alignment.

The Company: Living Entity Or Machine?

by Tom FitzGerald

How you treat it determines its performance.

Creating Value Based On Our Values

by Ian Berry

Many organisations have a list of values, often highlighted in fancy frames on foyer walls. It seems only a small percentage of workplaces have shared definitions of their values and even less have determined the behaviours that can be measured in order to ensure the day to day living of values.

Corporate Ethics, Corporate Culture and Corporate Image - Today’s Key Managerial Issues

by Steven Howard

Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, and HIH Insurance executives in jail. These are the headlines and the key business stories of today. Aggressive accounting procedures. Corporate governance. Business honesty. Corporate reputations being destroyed. Share prices dropping at the first hint of any financial shenanigans. These are the topics that keep Board Directors awake at night. And they all relate to one critical management subject - the Corporate Image.

Using Balanced Scorecard KPIs To Achieve Your Business Vision

by Dr Peter Kemeny

Many businesses use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and many managers agree that KPIs are an important element of sound management practice. But how do you choose and implement KPIs in a way that will take your business where you want it to go?

Motivation Through Mission Statements

by Byron Kalies

Mission statements have had a bad press in recent years. They should be exciting, visionary and meaningful. They should motivate your staff.

A Remarkable Workplace Begins With Unlearning

by Ian Berry

The primary focus of many businesses is shareholder wealth. The drivers of this (I don’t believe they deserve to be called leaders) fail to understand, or perhaps choose to ignore the fact that, shareholder wealth is one of many possible outcomes of good business practice, not a reason for being in business.

Business Literacy And Project Management

by Leigh Farnell

No matter how much desire you have for change and innovation, if you don't develop the capacity of people's business literacy and project management, you will be spinning your wheels.

Goal Setting

by Greg Phillips

Setting goals, while relatively simple, must be done correctly to ensure success. If you desire success you must commit to learning the correct techniques that will guarantee achievement. While it is impractical to attempt thorough explanations here, following are some starting points.

Emebedding Ethics Into Your Strategic Plan

by Steven Bowman

Strategic planning is a powerful tool to provide a focus for the few key things that an organisation must do in the next few years. Strategic planning must also be able to add value to the activities of that organisation.

The Greatest Or Weakest Link In Business

The management of most organisations is driven mostly by ‘budget considerations’ and, to a far lesser extent, by ‘business practices’. However, although these issues should be reversed in terms of importance, there is something far more powerful than both and it is rarely discussed.

Turning A Vision Into Reality

by Paul McLoughlin

True leaders are visionaries. Leaders provide direction and bring about change. Leaders not only directly affect financial markets and the fortunes of other stakeholders but also the careers of their people.

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