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Handling Price Objections & Margins

Price is frequently cited as the reason for losing a sale. How can you counter the price objection, without jeopardising your profit margin?
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Knowing When And How To Use Premium Pricing

by Miller Heiman

It's obvious to most sales leaders that pressure from existing competitors (both foreign and domestic) and decreasing barriers to new competitors have knocked yesterday's unique offering off its pedestal, landing as today's commodity.

Outflanking The Buyer's Defences

by Graham Haines

One of the most potent motivations in organisational decision-making is the need for the buyer to reduce the risk of purchase.

Beyond The Product

by Wayne Harrison

This article is intended to act as a catalyst for those who feel constrained to negotiating the price and supply of their products.

A Solution To Pricing Problems

by Jess Tyler

I was reminded of the problems with pricing when reading the article Hourly Rates? - No Thanks!.

Hourly Rates? No Thanks!

by Megan Tough

As an independent professional, how you charge for your services can either make or break you. It can mean the difference between a mediocre and a successful business. In my experience, most people don’t spend enough time thinking strategically about what pricing strategy they should use.

Giving It All Away

by Robert Gerrish

There’s you in pursuit of new business, all starry-eyed at the prospect of hooking a corker and what do you do? You misbehave, that’s what you do. You’ve spent months - years even - perfecting your systems, policies and procedures and as quick as a flash you shoot yourself in the foot and give stuff away.

Will You Do It For Less?

by Robert Gerrish

Discounting and how to avoid being hurt when others want you to cut your costs — the steps we need to take to firstly clarify what's going on and then what we can do to fix things up.

Pricing For Success

by Frank Chamberlin

The old way to teach marketing began with the four P’s – product, price, promotion and place. These are still fundamentals, of course. Price is possibly the one that continues to get the most attention. But maybe for the wrong reasons.

Don’t Let Objections Be The 'Kiss Of Death' For Your Sale

by Wayne Berry

After more than 35 years in sales, and 25 years training sales people from more than 300 different industries, I’ve reached the conclusion that most sales people lack the vital skills necessary to handle objections.

Handling The Price Objection - Part 2

by Wayne Berry

Using questions to counter price objections.

Handling The Price Objection - Part 1

by Wayne Berry

Are you creating price objections?

Total 26 articles in this section.
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