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Delivering Value

So you want new and existing customers to sit up and take notice of your product or service. What is your unique selling proposition? Is your product or service ‘hitting the mark’ in terms of value?
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Decrease Information Overload For Increased Sales

by Sue Barrett

Information is vital for any business. Yes it is - but not all of it. What information, and how much of it, do we really need?

How And Why To Create A Value-Add Product

by Megan Tough

Why take your depth of knowledge for granted, when you can turn that information into products that add value to your clients? Here's how to create what can become a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Five Effective Negotiating Steps To Solution-Led Selling

by Miller Heiman

Being an effective negotiator means overcoming two of your biggest challenges.

How To Create Compelling Value Propositions

by John Lees

To create ‘propositions' that will invite the market (and your sales team!) to sit up, take notice and take action involves a simple process - but one that is demanding and therefore rarely used.

Do You Suffer From Sameness Syndrome?

by Graham Haines

If we perceive two products to be identical, why would we buy the more expensive one? And the fact is, that many products are very similar to one another - either in perception or reality. So if you are going to avoid selling on price, you have to find an antidote to Sameness Syndrome.

Selling A Higher Price In A B2B Environment

by Mark Hunter

Even the most sales savvy among us have had to fight back the nerves that materialise whenever we are faced with telling a customer about a price increase.

Seven Steps To Value Acceleration

by Mitchell Gooze

To achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for your business, that is value acceleration, you need to take these seven steps:

An Attitude Of Service

by Zern Liew

I believe there are two attitudes when it comes to how a business interacts with the outside world - one of selling, and one of service. These attitudes colour the personality of the business and consequently how it is perceived by customers.

Give First, Receive Later

by Peter Griffin

One definition of marketing is “to help people get what they want”.

Sell On Value And Reputation Not Price

by Kerry Larkan

What should I say when a prospect says they can't afford what I'm selling?

Smile, Solve And Sell

by Kerry Larkan

The sequence of smile, solve and sell are sometimes confused by staff trying to sell before they either smile or solve the customers problem/s. If you’re looking to build a relationship with a potential customer you had better figure out the sequence plus a whole lot more.

The Strategic Pathway

by Prof. Nigel F Piercy

Customers are different — no longer can traditional marketing methods guarantee success for companies — they are wiser, more demanding and have different values. Learning has become the basis of sustaining competitive advantage — companies must learn from their customers and adapt to their priorities.

Respect Seems So Old Fashioned

by Frank Chamberlin

Treating the customer with respect, and then leveraging that respect to do even more business, is the essence of effective relationship building. And the essence of effective marketing.

Developing A Unique Selling Proposition

by Frank Chamberlin

The concept of a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is obviously not new. But it is one that has stood the test of time and all organisations need to grapple with it.

How Do I Create Value - Beyond Value Add!

by Bernadette McClelland

“So what’s new?” you may ask! For decades we have known that business is being won and lost on the perception of value.

Total 31 articles in this section.
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