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Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Business success can be determined by the ability to nurture a strong relationship with your customers. CRM and customer service tips are some of the tools at your disposal to create loyal customers.
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Customer Service - A Matter Of Fact(ors)

by Barry Urquhart

In business there are two factors which contribute to job satisfaction. In customer service it seems there is a similar dichotomy of factors. One set contributes to satisfaction and another set counters dissatisfaction.

Why Are Service Level Agreements Still A Must Have?

by Max Franchitto

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have been around for as long as bad service has, and yet, like most preventative solutions, they have been highly under-rated.

Who's Answering Your Phone

by Lorraine Pirihi

What impression do outsiders get when they call your business/department/office?

Customer Loyalty

by George Tanewski

Establishing and maintaining a loyal customer base has become one of the most important business strategies.

Developing Fast Cycle Selling - Collaborative Approaches To Business Development

by R J McFarlane

There is a distinct difference between Information Research [Company Strategic] and Information Research for Customer Relationship Building [Tactical].

Customer Profitability - Is It Enough?

by Max Franchitto

Customer relationship management demands that you understand which customers create profits and those that destroy it. However this is just not enough if you want stay in business in the long term.

Important Ways to Say Welcome

by Jane Verity

I’ve just returned from an evening at my favourite local restaurant. What a great night! It is only Tuesday and, as usual, it was packed. Fran and John’s food is good, but hardly outstanding, so why is their business such a success? Why do so many other guests and I keep coming back?

Customer Development Strategies

by Greg Baker

The dividend from your database investment.

Making The Telephone Work For Your Business

by Sheila Roberts

The telephone is the first point of contact for most businesses yet many organisations seem to ignore its importance as a customer service tool.

Total 99 articles in this section.
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