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Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Business success can be determined by the ability to nurture a strong relationship with your customers. CRM and customer service tips are some of the tools at your disposal to create loyal customers.
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Customer Service Is Personal

by Barry Urquhart

Personal is the essential prerequisite to service excellence in businesses. The customers, clients and stakeholders are and always have been close to their service providers. Accordingly, the nature of the relationships and expectations have been higher, more immediate and, yes, personal.

Creating A Culture Of Organisational Customer Service

by Graham Moore

So who are your customers, really? As leaders, whatever the business we are in, we are all aware - or should be - of the importance of customer service to the success of the business. Not only does the way your individual customer receive the service impact on their desire to do business with you again but the very nature of customer service is such that it is critical to your business success.

Building The Foundations For Effective CRM

by Dr Moira Clark

Is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) an important strategic methodology or just another management fad that should be consigned immediately to the out—tray. Taking time to address some of the more basic questions will pay dividends in stablishing a clear, common starting point when deciding whether CRM can benefit your organisation.

Are You Listening?

by Frank Chamberlin

Listening to the customer. Not a radical concept, but how many companies have a strategy for making sure it happens consistently?

Customer Service Importance Stressed

by Barry Urquhart

I can’t stress the point enough! The cornerstone of good customer service is removing stress for consumers and clients in the buying, use and maintenance of all products and services.

Simply Better: Winning And Keeping Customers By Delivering What Matters Most

by Seán Meehan

In 1954, in the seminal work The Practice of Management, Peter Drucker provided us with a vision of what it really means to be customer orientated1. He encouraged managers to move away from a specialized functional notion of marketing and redefine it as an overall business philosophy. He proposed that marketing is best thought of as the whole enterprise seen from the customer’s point of view.

Are You Matching Your Retention Strategies With The Customer Life Cycle?

by Adam Ramshaw

The best customer retention initiative to implement for a specific customer often depends on their position in the customer life cycle. What’s more, the earlier in the customer life cycle that you execute a customer retention initiative the more effective and higher the overall return on investment (ROI) of the initiative. So what should you do and when?

Back To Basics

by Barry Urquhart

Into service or Internet. Some choice. An increasing number of entities whose business is centred on satisfying and servicing consumers are concluding that the Internet is a distraction and are returning to the fundamentals of personal interaction with customers and clients.

Is Your Company Seen As A General Supplier - Or A Generative Supplier?

by John Lees

This is a critical question to confront, especially if your business is intent on winning new customers - and retaining good customers.

No Service, No Profits; Know Service, Know Profits

by Barry Urquhart

Vacation periods should teach all in business one important lesson. Customer service never goes (or must never go) on holidays.

Customer Care Starts And Ends With Your Phone

by Australian Business Limited

Is your business dependent on communicating with customers by telephone? The telephone is often the first contact the customer has with your business. Customers - existing and potential - who phone your business are people with questions to be answered and problems to be solved.

Create Real Relationships For A Change

by Barry Urquhart

What’s lacking in a lot of current service and marketing?

Top 10 Customer Service Tips

by Robert Gerrish

Ten quick and easy tips for improving your customer service.

Increasing Customer Loyalty

by Alastair Rylatt

Whether it is a small business like a local pizza shop, the members of a tennis club or users of a large mobile phone network, customer know-how is everything. In essence business success is determined by the ability to nurture intimate, two-way learning relationships with your customers. To help you improve customer loyalty let us take a moment to explore 6 tips that can lead to higher levels of customer relations.

What Drives Customer Retention?

by Adam Ramshaw

Many companies would like to improve their customer retention but are unsure how to make the changes in their business to improve this important profit lever.

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