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Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Business success can be determined by the ability to nurture a strong relationship with your customers. CRM and customer service tips are some of the tools at your disposal to create loyal customers.
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Discover The Buried Treasure Your Clients Are Hiding From You

by Lori Saitz

What is the average lifetime value of a client to your business? Do you know? Sadly, many business people do not have an answer for that question, nor do they understand the value of knowing.

Free For The Giving

by Craig Harrison

The best things in service situations are often free.

Why Aren't You Doing Win-Back Campaigns?

by Frank Chamberlin

Many companies allocate budgets for customer acquisition but spend nothing on win-back. Handled smartly, you have much more chance with win-back than with acquisition.

Managing The Customer Relationship For Results

by Bryn Campbell

Customers - where would we be without them! But managing the customer relationship requires skill, and well-trained staff.

Go On, Give Them A Try

by Tom McKaskill

Allowing customers to test your product or service is an underused marketing technique.

Wrap Your Clients Up With CRM

by Jane Toohey

Knowing and speaking with your customers regularly is smart business.

Create Engaged Customers

by Ian Berry

We are all in the same business - the delivery of value to stakeholders that they demand, desire, and feel they deserve. Once you know what these really are for customers (just one of your stakeholders), create a memorable service experience around their delivery.

To Win The Service Battle - You Must First Declare War!

by John Lees

The business equivalent of a declaration of war, is a 'service promise' that offers true and distinctive value to customers.

Growing Your Business One Customer At A Time

by Liz Tahir

The people aspect of business is really what it is all about. Rule No. 1: Think of customers as individuals. Once we think that way, we realise our business is our customer, not our product or services. Putting all the focus on the merchandise in our store, or the services our corporation offers, leaves out the most important component: each individual customer.

Keep Your Customers For Life

by Lindsay Adams

How much time do you spend trying to entice new customers to your business?

Grow Through Your Existing Customer Base

by Robert Gerrish

There is real growth potential in a sole trader's existing customer base, but many fail to realise its full potential. Often, more energy goes into attracting new customers than looking after current ones.

Magic Words

by Craig Harrison

What words are music to the ears of your customers?

Keeping Customers For Life

by Peter Griffin

We all know the adage that it’s a lot cheaper to keep a customer than it is to get a new one. But why do we lose customers, and what can we do to keep them with us “for life”?

5 Steps To Effective Customer Loyalty Programs

by Adam Ramshaw

Increasingly organisations are becoming dissatisfied with their customer satisfaction surveys and turning to designing and implementing customer loyalty programs instead. They are beginning to understand that it’s not just about satisfaction.

Complaints Key To Improving Sales, Retention And Loyalty

by Craig Harrison

It's said nobody likes a complainer. I beg to differ. In customer service a complainer is doing you a favor.

Total 99 articles in this section.
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