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Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Business success can be determined by the ability to nurture a strong relationship with your customers. CRM and customer service tips are some of the tools at your disposal to create loyal customers.
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Keeping Good Customers By Earning Customer Loyalty

by Steven Howard

A goal of every organisation is to increase its assets over time. These assets are typically defined in terms of revenue, customer accounts, properties, human resources, and capital. But there are two hidden assets, that every organisation can develop, and are critical for marketing success - their brand and customers.

7 Strategies To Increase Your Customer Service Levels

by Graham Moore

Everyone deserves good customer service. Your customers deserve excellent customer service because they're your customers.

21 Ways To Deliver Great Customer Service

by Craig Harrison

You don’t need a million dollar marketing budget or even a large staff to deliver great customer service.

Keeping Your Clients Happy In Tough Times

by Rebecca Laskary

Here are some of the strategies that businesses are implementing to ease their clients through this current economic crisis.

10 Best Practices Of Exceptional Customer Service

by Mark Sanborn

The very best service providers do a lot of things right, however there are at least 10 practices that they all have in common.

Making Your Clients Feel Like VIPs

by John Weaver

Key to business success is making every single client feel like they are your most important client, irrespective of the value or revenue they generate for your business, or the size of their projects.

Keeping The Sale

by Kelley Robertson

Just because a prospect has agreed to move forward it does not mean that the sale will go ahead - especially if you sell a complex system or solution. Dozens of things can happen to derail your efforts. Before you start counting your commission, it is critical that you keep the sale.

Nine Great Ways To Build Customer Loyalty

by Raz Chorev

Companies are losing customers at a staggering rate without really hearing from most of them or understanding why. So, what are executives really doing about it?

If You Have 'Happy Customers' You Could Be Heading For Trouble!

by John Lees

The concept of a happy customer seems both virtuous and victorious; after all, this is surely the ultimate service goal of most organisations - and also the best way to stave off attacks from competitors. Not everything is what it seems though, especially when you define what is meant by a happy customer ...

Enhancing Client Satisfaction

by Rebecca Laskary

The benefits of analysing and actively seeking to enhance your client's experience are multitudinous and can have a significant impact on brand loyalty, revenue, referrals, products sales and the take up of new products and services. So how do you show your clients you care?

Building Lasting Client Relationships In A Regulatory Environment

by Max Franchitto

Many industries operate in a regulatory environment, which dictates not only the technical requirements for doing business, but also the need to deliver service satisfaction without bureaucracy. When regulations tie up your flexibility, what can you do to continue meeting customer's expectations?

Plant The Seed For Future Business

by Raz Chorev

Cultivating your past and current customers is a guaranteed way of building future business. But for this to succeed you will need to have a thorough and functioning Customer Relationship Management system in place.

Ideas For Staying In Touch

by Richard F. Gerson

Most business owners are great at what they do. Yet, if they have one skill deficiency, it is in marketing themselves. And that's fine. We are not all experts at everything. Here are some simple, yet effective ideas to help you develop what I call a "stay in touch marketing program".

Client Contact: The Importance Of Consistency

by Lori Saitz

Research has discovered that communicating with your clients at least 25 times a year is optimal. WHOA! That's the initial reaction I get from people when I say that. "Twenty-five times a year is way too much for my business!" No, it's not.

10 Customer Service Tips To Build Loyal Customers

by Ingrid Cliff

It costs about three times more to find a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer. But what does that mean? For most businesses, your best investment can and should be, in keeping your existing customers happy, rather than always chasing new customers.

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