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Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Business success can be determined by the ability to nurture a strong relationship with your customers. CRM and customer service tips are some of the tools at your disposal to create loyal customers.
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Awful To Ordinary To Awesome

by Barry Urquhart

Losses of customers and business do occur because of awful customer service.

Dealing With Aggressive Customers

by Ken Warren

Are you in a job where you get paid to let people verbally abuse you? People in helping or customer service roles are just some of the people who get to deal with more than their fair share of demanding and aggressive people.

The Customer Service Ripple Effect

by John Boe

We have all had the experience of throwing a stone in a pond and watching the waves ripple across the surface in ever expanding, concentric circles. Just as a ripple hits the shoreline, your reputation for the quality and quantity of service you render, precedes you in your marketplace.

How Do I Deal With Client Objections?

by Sue Barrett

Many sales people will tell you one of the biggest worries in sales, besides prospecting, is dealing with customer objections.

How Not To Stuff Up Customer Service

by Darren Bourke

One of the most common frustrations customers have in taking up a customer service issue is being able to easily find how and who to contact.

Build A Client-Retention System

To become a top-ranked sales professional (and to stay there), it’s vital to have a system running all the time designed specifically to help you hang on to your existing clients so that they call you again and again for new business.

Build A Client-Attraction System

by Colleen Francis

We can learn a lot about attraction simply by taking the time to notice the world around us. In the sales profession, that means taking a good look at your existing and new clients and asking questions, such as: “What is it that attracts more clients in less time, and how can I fine-tune the way I achieve this in my own organization?”

The Cheat's Guide To Exceeding Expectations

by Flying Solo

'Under promise, over deliver!' is considered brilliant advice for business owners. But many people only focus on the hard work of over delivering, when it can be easier, and frankly more effective, to get better at under promising.

Win More Clients By Becoming A Master Relationship Builder

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

In business, a strong relationship with your prospects and customers often wins over price. Rather than focusing your energy on competing on price with your competitors, focus your efforts on building stronger relationships. Your competitors can easily match and even undercut your prices, however, copying your relationships with your prospects and customers is much more difficult for them.

What To Watch For That Indicates We Have A Customer Service Problem

by Alan Boyer

Do you frequently hear that customers are unhappy about something, and sometimes they are downright frustrated? You've been given an indicator of what is going on in the organization. The customers aren't getting what they thought they paid for, and the employees are actually blocking access to what the customer wants.

Understanding Customer Evolution

by Ron McLean

In the current economic climate, getting customers to support your business is even more important than ever. With customers being more discerning with their dollars, you need to understand customer evolution to ensure they support your business.

Technology Can Bring Us Together And Increase Sales

by Chris Voice

Technology can bring us together and increase our sales. The four vital areas of Live Chat, Web Conferencing, Questions and Autoresponders have brought customers closer by use of these new and upcoming technologies.

The Voice Of The Customer: Helping Customers Find Theirs

by Daniel Lock

The two objectives of business process improvement are to improve customer satisfaction and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business. The former is not always easy to achieve and there is very little guidance in how to achieve it.

Building Loyalty In 8 Magical Moments

by Mal Emery

Bingo! You've changed a one-time sale into a lifetime customer.

7 Factors For Building Extreme Customer Loyalty

by Profiles International

A satisfied customer is NOT always a loyal customer! Discover seven indicators that will help you go beyond simply satisfying customers, to protecting and growing your strategic accounts.

Total 99 articles in this section.
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