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Knowing The Customer

Most of us don't know who the right customers are for our business. How well do you know your customer? Could you build an accurate customer profile? What is your target market? What are the outcomes of market segmentation?
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Understanding Emotive Marketing

by Mark McCrindle

When comparing Generations Y and Z with previous generations, it is clear that how decisions are made, and how consumers are engaged, have indeed changed.

Generational Market Segmentation

by Mark McCrindle

Market segmentation is the process of dividing mass markets into groups of consumers that exhibit common or homogenous buying behaviours.

Questions For Your Customers

by Shoestring Marketing

The focus of all marketing isn't your needs, but the needs of your customers. Therefore if you want to know how to best market your business, ask your existing customers. They have all the answers!

Knowing Our Customers

by Priority Management

In knowing our customers, there are three results 'outside the walls' that deliver satisfaction to customers. Customers deserve and demand that we supply, service and satisfy them.

The Importance Of Ongoing Market Research

by NSW Business Chamber

Market research is, in essence, intelligence gathering. However, it is not a one-off activity carried out only when a business is being set-up. Market research should be undertaken regularly over the life of a product, service or business.

To Sell More, Define Your Niche

by HopeAD

You may think selling to the widest possible pool – trying to be all things to all people – is your best chance to succeed. Unfortunately, this approach is limiting your ability to make money and attract customers.

Persona Based Marketing

by M. H. "Mac" McIntosh

Powerful B2B marketing tools for connecting with prospects and customers.

Targeting Your B2B Lead Generation Efforts

by M. H. "Mac" McIntosh

When searching for prospects to buy your products or services, you want to find those companies who have a problem for which you have the solution.

Booming Sales Among The Boomers

by Barry Urquhart

Increasingly recognised, largely misunderstood. That has been the lot of the post war baby boomers since the 1960’s when their presence sparked the consumer era. Astute business and marketing teams are now fast appreciating the economic power of these grey nomads/post war baby boomers who control 76% of the nation’s disposable and discretionary wealth. That represents an immense capacity to earn, invest and spend, often in a discerning manner without the constraints of high debt levels.

An Oldie, But A Goodie

by Geoffrey McDonald Bowll

This article is not just about baby boomers in general. This article is actually about marketing to people who are over 55 — a huge segment. There are some three million of them. And many of you marketers out there are ignoring them, at your peril.

The Dumb Mistake Made By Smart Marketers

by Michael Dayes

What’s the #1 factor that stops most marketers from having a greater impact on their company? What stops them from seriously influencing company profitability? A decade in sales and marketing has shown me one most common limiting factor. I see it everywhere!

Take It To The Extreme

by Barry Urquhart

Go on, take a risk! The creeping tendency towards compliance and conformity by senior management is financially prudent. It is contributing to less regulatory authority audits, more mass media endorsements and escalating share prices determined by a gratified investing public. That’s fine. However, those compliant businesses are not in lock—step with key segments of marketplace and populace.

Find The Gap For Your Marketing

by Robert Gerrish

Research and development is not reserved for the big guys, it's essential for small business and it need not be too difficult.

Understanding The Value Of Your Customers

by Frank Chamberlin

More than anything else, marketers need to understand people.

Customer Insights

by NSW Business Chamber

How to better understand your customers and the reasons why.

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