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Achieving Cultural Harmony

Organisational culture is an important ingredient required to accomplish your business goals. How can you tackle the challenge of creating one friendly, high-performance and cohesive culture from a culturally diverse workforce?
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Shaping A High Performance Culture - What Works & What Doesn't

by Buck Baker

What is it that makes your organisation effective? Is it strategy? Structure? Process? Or, could it be something deeper: your company's culture?

Make Your Workplace Rock

by Paddy Spruce

Somewhere between anxiety and boredom lies enjoyment. It's finding that point for your staff that's the challenge.

What’s Your Company Culture?

by Karen Schmidt

Successful organisations of the future will be the ones that can create a positive workplace culture that attracts like minded people. If you can get the right people in your organisation a positive culture will naturally flourish.

The Culture Change Program

by Byron Kalies

The vast majority of culture change programmes just fade out after a while. This phenomena is known as the Okavanga-Kalahari syndrome. There are ways to overcome this.

Why Parties Are Good For Business

by Leigh Farnell

Remember the KC and the Sunshine Band? Ok maybe you don't? Or was it Kool and the Gang? Either way, remember the song ‘Celebrate... good times, come on...'? Simple words. Great intentions. And great intentions that smart managers apply to their high performing teams.

A Great Workplace Culture Is Foundational To Success

by Ian Berry

In the past 14 years I have been privileged to work with several organisations that have embraced and succeeded at transforming workplace culture from the dark ages to one that is uplifting for the human spirit, the essential in my view for optimum performance to occur on a consistent basis.

Internal Customers Must Be Raving Fans Too

by Ian Berry

Are you and the people you work with “raving fans” of your products and services? More to the point, are you raving fans of the service you provide each other?

Cultural Fit - The New Measure Of CEOs

by Tina Taylor

The values of our corporate leaders are under the spotlight once again, with Xerox recently admitting to inflated sales figures and the impending bankruptcy of WorldCom, the telecommunications giant facing serious fraud charges.

CEO’s Chasing The Wrong Gods Of Management

by Quentin Jones

Survey data collected from more than 700 major Australian organisations shows 90% of Australians work in a negative culture of blame, indecision and conformity.

Building Employee Trust

by George Tanewski

As we have learned throughout history, success in carrying-out a corporation’s strategy is significantly affected by the culture of the organization and the effect it has on developing and maintaining levels of intensity and dedication among employees. How then do strong culture organizations develop intensity and commitment?

Creating A Customer Service Culture

by Sheila Roberts

How responsive is your organisation's customer service? Take this quick quiz.

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