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Achieving Cultural Harmony

Organisational culture is an important ingredient required to accomplish your business goals. How can you tackle the challenge of creating one friendly, high-performance and cohesive culture from a culturally diverse workforce?
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Great Performer But They Don't Fit The Culture

by Sue Barrett

Sound familiar? A 'good', maybe even 'great', person is recruited and hits the ground running, kicking goals in the new role, however within a short space of time they have alienated their team, decided that the role is not for them, and left the organisation. As we know the cost of this selection is huge and begs the question, why did this 'great' person not work out?

Weeding Out The Turf Wars

by Andrew O'Keeffe

Most people complain about "silos" in their organisation. Unless you work in a small organisation, you are likely to be frustrated by internal rivalries and turf protection. What is it about human nature that explains this near-universal experience? And through the knowledge of human instincts, what can we do to minimise the problem?

Tough Times Are Good Times To Celebrate!

by Mark Sanborn

Celebrating during the tough times might be even more important than celebrating when times are good. Good celebrations should happen because of, and in spite of, tough times.

The Redundancy Aftermath: Culture Focus A Must

by Human Synergistics

As redundancies start taking place, business leaders need to understand that a failure to focus on the culture left behind will be detrimental to staff performance - and the ultimate survival of the organisation.

Five Signs That Your Culture's In Trouble

by Ruth Haag

How do you determine if things are off-track and your culture is in trouble? Here are some clear signs.

Managing A Global Culture

by Brian Sorge

A defining moment occurs when companies start to expand beyond their country's borders. At that point in time, they must ask themselves what doing business across borders will really mean to their company and, of course, to their people.

Creating A Culture Of Serving Your Employees

by Bob Livingston

It's very uncomplicated really. If you put your employees first, your clients will feel as though they have been put first. That is the subtle translation of how great companies, who sincerely value their employees, become great partners to their clients and are the leaders in their field.

Guess What I Just Heard ... Handling Gossip In The Workplace

by Andrew O'Keeffe

Given that gossip is natural and will inevitably occur, how can leaders use this insight constructively?

Is Your Organisation 'Generation Friendly'?

by Karen Schmidt

These guidelines give managers and staff alike a starting point for creating a generation friendly workplace.

Workplace Evolution: How Far Have You Progressed?

by Karen Schmidt

In the last 40 years the workplace has gone through a real evolution. So how far along the evolutionary trail would you say your organisation or industry is?

Creating An Engaging Culture

by Karen Schmidt

Does your organisation have an engaging culture? Is it the kind of environment where people can thrive - or do you find that your new hires start out fully engaged, but over time, as they become ingrained in the culture, they lose their energy and start to resemble your less-than-engaged employees?

The 11 Simple Secrets To Building An Entrepreneurial Culture In A Bureaucratic World

by Robert W. MacDonald

Being an entrepreneur is simply living a business life as it should be led.

Create Culture To Deliver Results

There are two facets to a company accomplishing its business goals: the business strategy, and the organisational culture that supports it.

The ABC Of Cultural Change

by Robert J Re

Productive cultural change can be achieved in your organisation by following these principles.

Are YOU The Demon In Need Of Exorcism?

by Tanya Lacy

It might be time to dispel the demons in your organisation's culture. But if corporate culture is a direct reflection of leadership, what if YOU'RE the demon that needs to be exorcised?

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