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Business Book Extracts

Read extracts from top business books written by IIDM's network of contributors. Download of a chapter or more for each book. Review the book contents and purchase the book online. New business book extracts will be regularly added to the following list ... so remember to visit this web page again.

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Latest Book Extracts

Business Book Extract: Money Magnet

In this breakthrough book, bestselling author and self-made multi-millionaire Steve McKnight delivers a simple yet powerful guide anyone can use to... READ MORE

Business Book Extract: Buy, Grow, Exit

Buy, Grow, Exit is about how (and why) to acquire, grow and exit a business in a way that maximises the value you will ultimately be able to extract... READ MORE

Business Book Extract: Fully Connected

Leaders have spent the past two years operating in survival mode, struggling with stress, overwhelm and burnout, with no respite in sight. But in... READ MORE

Business Book Extract: How To Persuade

How persuasive are you? Every day we’re faced with moments where we either win or lose - whether it’s trying to convince your boss to approve your... READ MORE

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Business Book Extract: Phenomenal Teams

By Garie Dooley

For the last two decades, businesses have placed a superior importance on ‘the war for talent’. But many are now learning the hard way that having the smartest people in the room is pointless if they can’t work together. Recent studies show that the high value work in organisations is now being done by teams, not individuals. And more importantly, it’s the companies who can cultivate a team of teams who consistently outperform their competitors. Our world is too complex and the challenges we face are too interdependent to rely on a handful of high-achievers. We need to shift from overvaluing individual attributes and learn to ignite, develop and harness the exponential power of teams.

Business Book Extract: Master Expert

By Alistair Gordon & Dominic Johnson

Experts are becoming more and more important to the organisations that employ them. Increasingly, we live in the Age of the Expert.

Business Book Extract: Million Dollar Micro Business

By Tina Tower

A book that shows you everything you need to start your online course business.

Business Book Extract: Unlock

By Rob Pyne

Leadership today is becoming a collective pursuit - not a solo performance. As an effective top team, you can create tremendous, long-lasting value. And yet, being in a leadership team is not easy. In fact, 80% of executives admit their leadership team is not as high performing as they know it can be.

Business Book Extract: From Hope To Strategy: The Anatomy of Negotiation

by Wayne Harrison

From Hope To Strategy: The Anatomy of Negotiation, is a book by Wayne Harrison that gives you the latest tools to do the right thing the right way at the right time.

Business Book Extract: Mastering The Change Curve

By Philip Owens

This book offers a powerful and readily accessible set of tools and approaches to deal with change. Rather than offer a method to get unstuck from one specific problem, this book will give you a new level of insight into how to change any time that you find yourself stuck.

Business Book Extract: Turning Right

By Kay Bretz

Ultra-runner Kay Bretz beat the race record of Australia’s Big Red Run by more than five hours and was awarded the Australian Ultra Performance of the Year Award at the 24-hour world championships in France - but it took a significant change in mindset to do it.

Business Book Extract: Magnetic Stories

By Gabrielle Dolan

Connect with customers and engage employees with brand storytelling.

Business Book Extract: Leading Above The Line

By Michelle Bihary

How will you facilitate change during these uncertain times and keep your own head above water?

Business Book Extract: Stop The Bleeding

By Brian Sands

As a business leader with your back to the wall, how will you stop the bleeding in your business? How will you get to a sustainable next?

Business Book Extract: Unhindered

By Jaemin Frazer

The 7 essential practices for overcoming insecurity.

Business Book Extract: Add Value

By Mark Carter

Achieve impact, fulfillment and legacy by integrating your values across all aspects of your life.

Business Book Extract: Be Brilliant

By Janine Garner

Slow down, own who you really are and unleash your inner brilliance.

Business Book Extract: Be Brilliant

By Janine Garner

Slow down, own who you really are and unleash your inner brilliance.

Business Book Extract: Everyday Creative

By Mykel Dixon

We all have a dysfunctional relationship with creativity. We love it, value it and want more of it but just can't seem to find the time or resources to give to it. And despite desperate calls for more innovative thinking, the systems and processes that hold most businesses together don't allow or enable anything like it.

Total 124 articles in this section.
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