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Business Book Extract: Risk Starts And Ends With People

By Lisa Sisson
No organisation can afford to ignore risk. Whether it comes from environmental threats such as floods and fires, human threats such as terrorist attacks or computer viruses, or health threats such as an unexpected global pandemic, we must all plan for the possibility of things going wrong.

Business Book Extract: Risk Starts and Ends With People

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This is a book designed to change the way you think about risk. It is a practical guide to leaving behind the fear and anxiety associated with risk and inspiring your people to become your risk sensors. To identify risk before it has the chance to inflict serious harm.

The eleven chapters offer a manual for creating a workplace where people are motivated to come to work, contribute their skills, innovate, problem-solve and push for excellence.



 Lisa Sisson

Lisa Sisson

Author, speaker and founder of global risk consultancy, Unearth, Lisa Sisson is driven by a strong sense of purpose. Her mission in life and business is the same - to create a safer world. Lisa believes when people feel safe, they are empowered to give their best efforts without fear of failure. This purpose underpins her work at Unearth and has driven a unique perspective within an industry that is heavily process and technology driven. Lisa’s three decade career includes two decades in technology and services with global brands and niche specialised companies, where she built a reputation for tackling the hard problems that most shy away from. 

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