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Business Book Extract: Phenomenal Teams

By Garie Dooley
For the last two decades, businesses have placed a superior importance on ‘the war for talent’. But many are now learning the hard way that having the smartest people in the room is pointless if they can’t work together. Recent studies show that the high value work in organisations is now being done by teams, not individuals. And more importantly, it’s the companies who can cultivate a team of teams who consistently outperform their competitors. Our world is too complex and the challenges we face are too interdependent to rely on a handful of high-achievers. We need to shift from overvaluing individual attributes and learn to ignite, develop and harness the exponential power of teams.

Business Book Extract: Phenomenal Teams

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Individual talent is overvalued and simply doesn’t last. Instead, harnessing the collective talent of your team is the sustainable performance driver of performance you need. But how can you build not just a good team, but a Phenomenal Team?

In Phenomenal Teams you’ll learn how to build a team that:

  • Feel safe to have real conversations - even the difficult ones that need to be had
  • Knows its purpose and is committed to the behaviours required for success
  • Demonstrates leadership across the whole team, not just at the top
  • Consistently delivers world’s-best results - even without you continued involvement

Talented people want to be stretched, they want to grow, they want to achieve amazing things, and they want to be engaged and feel empowered. This book is your guide to building a Phenomenal Team that delivers exactly that and, in turn, to becoming a Legendary Leader yourself.



 Garie Dooley

Garie Dooley

Garie Dooley is a keynote speaker, author, coach, and facilitator who has supported teams globally and within Australia, from corporate boardrooms through to elite sport teams, including AFL Premiership winners, Super Rugby Champions, Sheffield Shield winners, netball grand finalists, and Rugby State of Origin winners. He’s obsessed with stretching and growing ‘the brave’, the ‘mavericks in the making’, and ‘the game changers’ to create Phenomenal Teams and Legendary Leaders.

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