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Business Book Extract: Team Better Together

By Bernard Desmidt
What's the difference between a floundering and a flourishing team? How do teams operate at more than the sum of their parts more often? How do teams make it safe to discuss the undiscussables? How do teams achieve better outcomes working more interdependently?

Business Book Extracts: Team Better Together

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Team Better Together answers these questions by introducing 5 distinguishing disciplines of high performing and flourishing teams. What is sometimes obvious to do can be difficult to access, apply and accomplish. In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Align the team's objectives with the stakeholders' mandate
  • Unify the team to a common, shared purpose
  • Engage and relate by building trust-based working relationships
  • Create accountability to the team's collective performance goals
  • Ensure the team is a safe and supportive learning environment

Transitioning to a high performing team requires leaders and team members to commit to an engaging learning experience. By 'teaming better together', all teams across your organisation become a team of teams. 


What strategies do you use to get the best out of your team? Let us know in an email to 10 lucky people will be chosen to receive a complimentary copy of 'Team Better Together'.


About Bernard Desmidt 

As a leadership coach, trainer, and facilitator my passion for the past 20 years has been to help organisation become leader-full. I’ve coached over 200 executives and as a team coach, I’ve worked with many leadership teams to unlock their power and transition to become more high performing, flourishing teams. 

Through the flagship Scaling Leadership Program, I help unleash the unrealised leadership potential distributed across organisations at create a distinguishing culture, no other can copy.

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