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Business Book Extract: Trusted To Thrive

By Marie-Claire Ross
Trusted to Thrive is for leaders who realise that today’s uncertain environment needs a new style of leadership. This book helps leaders create a supportive, healthy team culture, where they can put their team anywhere and under enormous pressure, and they will thrive. An environment where leaders feel trusted, and equally importantly, where their direct reports feel trusted. This insightful and practical book is packed with tips, case studies and stories - combining the latest behavioural techniques and on-the-ground insights into practical leadership action.

Business Book Extracts: Trusted To Thrive

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There has never been a more important time to improve how we lead.  

This book will revolutionise your team’s performance and your life.

In these turbulent times, how do we create a productive and happy team environment? That wonderful space where everyone works together, with high enthusiasm - solving problems, making fast decisions, achieving goals and collaborating with ease.

A place that generates a positive energy that we all crave. A place where we feel that all is possible and that the hard work is worth it.

As the former CEO of an award-winning training video production company, Marie-Claire Ross discovered that it doesn’t matter where you work or how you work. If you have trust as the foundation for your team environment, you can put your team anywhere and under enormous pressure, and they will thrive.

In this ground-breaking book, she combines the latest behavioural techniques and on-the-ground insights into practical leadership action.  She systematically unpacks three hacks to improving team productivity, in order to create credible and connected teams.


Along the way, she tells inspiring stories from the successful Adore Beauty founder Kate Morris, leading CEOs and award-winning business leaders who have uncovered the secrets to creating a trusted team culture.

By the end of Trusted to Thrive, you will have a roadmap with clear strategies on how to have the high achievement team you deserve.


About Marie-Claire Ross

Marie-Claire Ross

Marie-Claire Ross is a trust leadership speaker, facilitator and coach. She started her career undertaking market research for some of Australia’s biggest brands. Then, co-founded a video production house with her husband filming live television and creating safety induction videos. During her time leading Digicast Productions, she also wrote the book, Transform your Safety Communication.

Learning how to build businesses and lead staff became a quest. In the end, she realised video production wasn’t her passion. In 2014, she took the leap and started the company, Trustologie®, which helps senior executives, leadership teams and middle managers build trust within their teams and improve performance.

She works around the world in organisations such as QANTAS, Novartis, Petronas, Pitcher Partners, Australian Tax Office and Seasol International. Marie-Claire lives with her family in Melbourne. When she is not training or writing, she can be found running, cooking vegan meals, renovating heritage homes or out in nature.

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