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Business Book Extract: Get Moving Keep Moving

By Dr Gordon Spence
In Get Moving Keep Moving, Dr Gordon Spence explores why our motivation for physical activity declines over time and how becoming active again helps us age well. Using a unique 4-stage Health Activation Process, Gordon challenges you to Reflect, Project, Inspect and Connect as vital preparation for positive health change.

Business Book Extracts: Get Moving Keep Moving

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In the book, Gordon explains how you can:

  • Identify forms of physical activity that will suit you best
  • Take more ownership over your physical pursuits
  • Examine your physical and mental readiness for change
  • Gather the help you will need to form positive habits

Returning to exercise in your 30s, 40s and 50s involves challenges Gordon knows well. Using the personal stories of five people - including his own story - Gordon shows how those challenges can be overcome. This makes Get Moving Keep Moving a book about hope: a book about taking charge of your health, joyful reconnection with your physical self, and building a platform for healthy ageing.



About Dr Gordon Spence

Dr Gordon Spence is a highly sought-after speaker, coach, educator and author who helps clients to live well and perform well. A psychologist and exercise scientist, Gordon's areas of expertise are sustainable performance and healthy ageing, with a particular interest in people returning to exercise in mid-life.

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