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Business Book Extract: The Happy Healthy Leader

By Margie Ireland
Imagine waking up every day knowing that no matter what is thrown your way, you have the confidence and skills to sail through any high seas and bad weather, and bring your crew with you. The Happy Healthy Leader is a guide for leaders who wish to achieve their full potential.

Business Book Extracts: The Happy Healthy Leader

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The Happy Healthy Leader provides a wide range of tools and techniques based on the author's personal experiences in leadership transformation and her extensive research into what impacts the wellbeing of senior and executive leaders.

Margie shows how to:

• Have more energy and enthusiasm for your work
• Become more confident, even with difficult people
• Learn to say no and to create healthy work boundaries
• Be able to make clearer and better decisions
• Know you are working towards your purpose and values
• Have a resilient and healthier mindset
• Build effective and healthy relationships with colleagues
• Have greater team engagement and respect
• Achieve greater overall wellbeing

This is a book for people who are afraid of failing as a leader, no matter how many hours they put in. And also aspiring leaders who don't want to follow in the footsteps of leaders around them, who seem to work all the time, are not happy and definitely don't look healthy! Margie Ireland has created an evidence-based program that helps executive teams get back on the same page. This book is a step-by-step, practical guide using the most successful ingredients from her proven program that results in happy, healthy leaders who are able to stay connected to their values and purpose, and inspire others, while also having time to take care of their own wellbeing.


About Margie Ireland

Margie Ireland is a leadership expert, practising psychologist and keynote speaker. Margie has been consulting for organisations for over 25 years, creating a new path for leaders and organisations to connect and engage with their people in a more effective, unique and meaningful way. Margie's approach offers a commercial and psychological lens for people striving to reach their potential.

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