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Video Seminars

Watch interview style videos of your favourite IIDM contributors outlining best practice on the latest business and leadership challenges.

The embedded videos on this page are extracts of full Video Seminars, click 'Full Video Seminar' to view each complete series.


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Video Seminar: Why Authentic Leadership Is More Important Than Ever

Our community has lost faith in the leaders of our institutions because there has been a lack of...

Video Seminar: How To Connect To Your Audience Creating Common Ground And Emotional Appeal

Presentations are our default way of communicating professional, business and corporate information...

Video Seminar: Increasing Productivity With Cognitive Science

Tuesday 20 March 2018

At the centre of every organisation are people. The sum of the individual decisions and actions of...

Video Seminar: Recruitment, Induction And Retention

We’ve all heard it before - people are your greatest asset - so it’s important that you find the...

Video Seminar: Why Leaders Must Excel At Collaborative Decision Making

People often think that being a leader is about knowing more than others, having all the answers,...

Video Seminar: Leaders Must Walk The Talk When It Comes To Balance

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Authentic engaging leadership creates sustainable results, powerful performance and a true...

Video Seminar: How To Prevent Your Teams From Fracturing

Fundamental to any organisation's ability to thrive is collaboration. When groups of people work...

Video Seminar: The Fourth Type Of Innovation You Really Need

Australian companies have not been innovating enough. We know this from global surveys and...

Video Seminar: Networking That Matters And That Works

Networking is an essential skill; it’s the key to success. So why are so many of our connections...

Video Seminar: Why Cognitive Health Is The Driver To Future Business Growth

As a leader at the top of your game, it's imperative to be attuned to the present, knowing how to...

Video Seminar: How To Create A High-Performance Culture

Building culture and setting strategic direction are the two most important drivers for...

Video Seminar: How To Resolve Conflict Without Stress

Workplace conflict is often associated with stress and can be devastating to the individuals...

Video Seminar: Better Customer Experience Drives Better Sales Results

In this busy and complex world, many organisations are competing for the time and attention of...

Video Seminar: Demystifying Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is a common phrase used in business but it is not widely understood. In this...

Video Seminar: Cracking The Corporate Culture Code

Increasingly, leaders are recognising that the most important factor that determines future success...

Total 63 articles in this section.
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Total 63 articles in this section.
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Video Seminar: Innovation And Opportunity Capture - The Secret To Success

By Roger La Salle

Too many people make innovation simply too hard to understand and it seems that nobody has a way to search for opportunities in business. The goal is to understand what innovation really is, what an opportunity really looks like and then impellent systems to make these discoverable and it’s not all that hard.

Video Seminar: Intrapreneurship - Secrets To Staff Loyalty

By Bernadette Schwerdt

Imagine a world where employees love coming to work, give more of themselves than ever before, stay longer, work harder and generate significant extra revenue for the firm, with no incentives, threats or encouragement to do so? Sound too good to be true? It's not. It's called 'intrapreneurship' and it's the buzz word on the lips of every switched-on HR executive. Why? Because in a world of high employee turnover, low productivity and waning engagement, finding new strategies that help retain key staff, boost morale and facilitate the unleashing of creative energies is of pressing urgency.

Video Seminar: Be An Influence For Productivity

By Stefan Kazakis

For most people life has never been busier. Work is stressful. Our personal lives are overflowing with commitments. It can be hard to find time to take a breath. That’s why there’s so much talk about productivity these days. We’ve all heard the word ‘productivity’, but few people know what it really means or how to achieve it. Most people think productivity is just about getting more things done. Productivity is about getting the right things done. Getting through a longer to-do list each day doesn’t increase your productivity if the right things aren’t on that list; in fact, it may actually decrease it.

Video Seminar: Customer Experience - The New B2B Battleground

By Michael Haynes

The dynamics and characteristics in Business-to-Business (B2B) markets are changing making it imperative that business leaders examine and how their organisations operate if they are to have (or continue to have) sustainable, profitable businesses. The ability of organisations to have sustainable profitable growth will be contingent on their ability to develop and execute strategies and initiatives that truly address the changing dynamics and nuances of B2B markets.

Video Seminar: The Power Of Storytelling In Business

By Gabrielle Dolan

Gabrielle will introduce what storytelling in business is and the various styles of storytelling. She will explore why leaders need to get better at storytelling and why that is needed now more than ever before. Gabrielle will also discuss how the rise of Generation Y and information overload is changing the way leaders need to communicate and how storytelling is a critical leadership skill for our changing workplaces.

Video Seminar: A Guide To Organisational Change Management

By Daniel Lock

Daniel Lock is the principal of Daniel Lock Consulting helping to unlock value, improve productivity, to achieve breakthrough performance through change and project management and process improvement. Daniel has worked with Westpac, National Australia Bank, Macquarie Bank as well as numerous smaller organisations helping them to improve processes, operations, department re-organisations and department amalgamations.

Video Seminar: Leadership Development Done Differently

By Corrinne Armour

Waging a war on wasted potential, Corrinne's mission is to empower leaders and teams into Fearless Leadership. She helps leaders overcome the sense that they and their people can do better. Known for her energy, courage, positivity, innovative approach, and strong results focus, Corrinne is seen as a provoker of change and growth.

Video Seminar: The New Management Style

By Kirk Peterson

In order to achieve a culture of positive, solution-centric people and celebrate greater results we need to change the way we approach people management. We need to put the responsibility back on the employee and provide them with the tools and techniques they need to allow them to get the most out of themselves.

Video Seminar: Best Practice Performance Review Process

By Anneli Blundell

The annual performance conversation is a time consuming, non-value adding and possibly destructive process that does not positively improve performance at work. The future of annual performance reviews, as a management tool, is bleak.

Video Seminar: Motivation, Mindset And The Link To Success

By Justin Fankhauser

Mindset and motivation impacts greatly on your business in many ways. It’s important in your business to lead by example and that means having a positive mindset which lends itself to having positively motivated staff who will ensure your business runs effectively and efficiently.

Video Seminar: Putting Stories To Work To Inspire Action

By Shawn Callahan

Everyone is talking about business storytelling these days yet many have fallen into the trap of using techniques from Hollywood which don’t fit with a company culture. Shawn will give you a no-nonsense approach to business storytelling that he has been teaching around the world for over 15 years to companies like Shell, Bayer and Danone.

Video Seminar: Power Play: Game Changing Influence Strategies

By Yamini Naidu

What drives us to reach our full potential? It’s the opportunity to exercise influence and shape how things are done, according to CEB Global’s recent talent report. Successful business owners know that influence can make the difference between reaching their full potential or falling short and, keeping clients or losing them.

Video Seminar: Values Alignment In Recruitment

By Christine Khor

In the recruitment space, values-based alignment between people and employers has become a key success factor in hiring decisions and retention rates. Most professionals are now looking beyond salary for roles that fit their personal values in order to feel more purposeful and engaged in their work life. Best practice organisations are now moving to meet these needs. When recruitment decisions are made based more on values alignment, a solid foundation is formed for a long term, successful partnership between employer and employee.

Video Seminar: Building Your Influence As Competitive Advantage

By Michelle Gibbings

In an increasingly complex and ambiguous world, career success is less about technical skills and more about the ability to cut through the noise, get traction, and lead change. Having influence is the competitive advantage that makes this happen - faster and more easily.

Video Seminar: How To Create A Culture Where Innovation Thrives

By Amantha Imber

Dr Amantha Imber busts the myths around how to create a culture where innovation thrives, and instead, focuses on what has been scientifically proven to work. This video is a must-watch for those trying to create a culture of innovation. It is filled with practical tips that are all evidence based on what leaders can do to drive innovation at work.

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