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Video Seminar: Why Leaders Don’t Need A Title

By Colleen Callander
Leadership is something that I am extremely passionate about... not only my leadership but the leadership of those around me. And when I talk about leadership, I’m talking about leading not only in business, but also leading in our own lives whether that be in your community, school, workplace or even your home. Leadership starts with self. We need to be leading in our own lives before we can lead anyone else. When asked about leadership I always start with what leadership is not - it is not about a title, power, level of authority, size of your office, carpark, the number of direct reports you have or the size of your pay packet.

Extract: Why Is Leadership Not About A Title?

Video Seminar: Colleen Callander

About Colleen Callander

Colleen Callander  Colleen Callander has a proven track record in building brands, creating a winning culture and building an environment that allows people to be inspired and empowered. Colleen is now sharing not only her 13 years’ experience as a CEO of two of Australia’s iconic fashion brands but also the past 30 years of her retail career. More recently she has founded Mentor Me, a platform through which Colleen mentors’ women from all different walks of life - from mums to executives, start-up entrepreneurs to teachers and senior leaders.

Colleen Callander
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