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Video Seminar: Managing Difficult Customer Behaviour

By Monique Richardson
During unprecedented times where customer expectations continue to rise, unfortunately so does customer aggression. Customer service has always involved managing difficult behaviour, but those on the frontline are increasingly finding themselves on the receiving end of difficult customer behaviour and abuse. The safety and well-being of those in the service industry must always remain the highest priority. I will be exploring the key responsibilities of every organisation in supporting the team when managing difficult and unacceptable customer behaviour as well as practical tools and techniques to diffuse and de-escalate even the most challenging of situations and customers.

Extract: Why Is Leadership So Critical In Managing Difficult Customer Behaviour?

Video Seminar: Monique Richardson

About Monique Richardson

Monique Richardson  Monique Richardson is one of Australia’s leading experts in customer service and is passionate about transforming customer service cultures through a service leadership driven approach. With more than twenty years of experience, she teaches and speaks in Australia and across the globe to increase employee performance and engagement, and improve customer experiences. Monique is a sought-after speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach and has worked with thousands of customer service professionals including executive and senior management, leadership, frontline and support teams partnering with organisations to increase performance, engagement and customer focus. Monique is the author of ‘Managing Difficult Customer Behaviour - A Practical Guide for Confident Conversations’.

Contact Details

Monique Richardson  Phone: +61 (0) 402 113 912
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