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Video Seminar: Control Fear, Control Your Collective Success

By Dr Amy Silver
There are decades of research on how to control fear and yet this information is only just being capitalised on in the business world. Recent research into fear shows it is the number one predictor of the success of a team. It is also the precursor to engagement and enabling a sense of belonging. There are simple tools and tips to change and control our relationship with fear so we can achieve more, together. Left unchecked, fear reduces our potential as individuals and collectives. Fear can control our ability to stand up, speak up and show up to the best version of ourselves. There is a need for us to recognise the ways in which we can help people (including ourselves!) be more courageous so we can move through challenges, difficult situations or change easily. We must be able to innovate, communicate courageously, create deep connections across groups, include difference or different points of views, to engage with our work fully, create discretionary effort and build a successful future. If we don't learn to control our fear, we will be plagued by avoidance. Controlling fear will help us move with greater satisfaction away from avoidance and into action.

Extract: How Does Fear Reduce Our Collective Outcomes?

Video Seminar: Dr Amy Silver

About Dr Amy Silver

Dr Amy Silver  Amy is a psychologist, speaker and author on the management of our emotions for high performance and wellbeing. She works with clients to create a culture that is psychologically safe, approach not avoid, and have courageous conversations safely. Amy has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Masters in Forensic Psychiatry, Masters in Performance, Bachelor with Honours in Psychology and further prestigious therapeutic training. She has published widely in academic journals and more accessible magazines and now publishes fortnightly in a popular business-focused blog/vlog called Silverlinings. She is the author of the books Conversations Create Growth for managers and Brace for Impact (both available on her website). Her new book The Loudest Guest: How to change and control your relationship with fear shows people how to move beyond their fears.

Contact Details

Dr Amy Silver  Phone: +61 421 955 700
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